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Weatherman Erick Adame Wikipedia: Where’s the Fired Journalist?

He was one of the most loved weathermen in NYC. However, his downfall began after his personal images got leaked on the internet. Let’s find out where Erick Adame is now and learn more about him on Wikipedia.

Erick Adame, an open gay by sexuality, is a respected personality in the weather reporting field. He has been a constant face in NYC weather reporting for a few years.

He was pretty successful in his career. However, the events that unfolded in September 2022 devastated Erick’s peace.

Someone leaked his bare body picture to his mother, boyfriend, and at work. This resulted in him getting fired from the job immediately.

Since then, Erick has been struggling mentally and financially. However, he still remains positive and hopeful that people’s judgments of him will change.

Interestingly, Erick has a fearless personality; instead of hitting rock bottom, he preferred to share his side of the story with the world through his Instagram.

Erick has talked about the incident on his Instagram account; he even made a public apology to his seniors at the office.

Furthermore, he also filed a lawsuit against the person who leaked his pictures, and currently, his case is still in court.

Despite everything, he still continues to suffer from the effects of the leak. However, Erick Adame is still pushing forward; therefore, netizens are interested in his Wikipedia.

Erick Adame Wikipedia Explores His Early Life.

Erick was born on October 27, 1986; he is currently 37 years old in 2023. His Instagram describes him as a meteorologist and the creator of Weather with Erick.

However, he is most famous for reporting to people in New York about the current and future weather conditions on television. He was a meteorologist for Spectrum News NY1.

Erick Adame Wikipedia in his youth.
Erick has won an AP Award for his performance as a cameraman. (Source: Instagram)

Erick has reported on the deadly Hurricane Sandy, a Category 3 Atlantic hurricane that hit the Caribbean and the coastal Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S.

He was born into a working-class Mexican immigrant family in Upstate New York.

Furthermore, he is a well-educated person who graduated from the ‘State University of New York’ at Oneonta.

Erick has experience in journalism, mass communication, and graphic design.

After graduation, Erick started his professional career at KAUZ-TV as a morning weather reporter. He worked there for at least a year.

Later, he left the job at KAUZ-TV and joined the team at Spectrum TV, where he worked for more than 10 years before getting fired after his internet scandal.

Erick has more than 15 years of experience in the journalism industry. He was a popular figure and highly respected.

Erick even received a nomination for the Emmy award for his exceptional work.

Despite such fame and recognition, Erick Adame has never appeared on the Wikipedia website.

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Inside Erick Adame’s Physical And Social Appearance

Erick is 5 feet 7 inches tall; he has brown eyes and brown hair. He is a brand enthusiast and prefers dressing up in branded clothes and accessories.

Even though he recently announced that he is taking a break from social media, he still has a huge following of 26k+ followers on Instagram.

Erick on a high rise building wearing glasses.
According to his Instagram Bio, Erick is a Cat lover. (Source: Instagram)

He has also launched an app named “Weather with Erick” that has a 4.9-star rating on the App Store. Furthermore, I previously had an X account, which now does not exist.

Due to his internet leak, he has suffered a lot, both mentally and socially. To overcome that, he has openly spoken about it on his website, erickadameontv.com/revengeporn.

It is his attempt to save his sanity and that of those who have become victims of such online scandals.

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