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Erin Moriarty Before And After: Plastic Surgery Claims Controversy

After the American journalist Megyn Kelly accused Erin Moriarty of undergoing plastic surgery, many of her fans became curious and are probing more for her before and after photos. 

Erin Moriarty is a well-known American actress born in New York City on June 24, 1994.

She’s best known for playing Annie January, also known as Starlight, in the TV series The Boys.

Starting her acting journey in 2010 with the soap opera One Life to Live, Moriarty has since made a mark in television and film.

Further, she has made her presence in several outstanding films with her excellent acting skills.

But lately, Moriarty has been in the news not for her acting but for her alleged plastic surgery, and her well-wishers are eager to see her before-after pictures.

Did Erin Moriarty Get A Plastic Surgery? Before And After

Erin Moriarty, the actress from The Boys, is in a controversy for her alleged plastic surgery. 

With that, many have thought that she could’ve had a little cosmetic work done, such as rhinoplasty, cheek fat removal, and even eyelid surgery.

Others believe that she had breast implants, fillers on her face, and Botox to prevent wrinkles.

Erin Moriarty in silver dress
Erin Moriarty has won national Emmy Awards several times. (Source: PageSix)

It all started when Megyn Kelly claimed that Moriarty underwent plastic surgery and also said that she was obsessed with it.

But, every speculation and allegation that was made regarding Erin Moriarty’s plastic surgery is entirely untrue. 

Later, she addressed the matter that her plastic surgery rumor was absolutely false.

Moreover, she spoke out against the online trolls and haters, saying that she felt censored and degraded. 

However, people can see the change in her facial features, and if it is not due to surgery, there’s a high chance that these changes could result from aging or weight loss.

Erin Moriarty pictured in white
Erin Moriarty is a New York native. (Source: LATimes)

But here’s the bottom line: it’s her body, and even if she did have some surgery, that’s up to her.

There are a lot of rumors floating on the internet, but unless Moriarty authenticates the news, all that is speculation.

Nonetheless, let’s be honest and respect individual decisions, whether they are celebrities or not.

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Details On Erin Moriarty’s Early Life And Career

Erin Moriarty started her acting career in 2010 with a role in the soap opera One Life to Live.

The now-popular actress started her acting career when she was just 11. She made her debut on stage, playing Annie in a community theater.

Erin Moriarty pictured while attending premiere
Erin Moriarty has also played the role of Marsha Becker in True Haunting. (Source: CNN)

After finishing high school, she put her college studies on hold to focus on pursuing a career in acting.

Her professional gigs started as a teenager, landing roles in TV series like One Life to Live and Law & Order: The Special Victims Unit.

Moriarty’s early memorable roles are being the daughter of Vince Vaughn in The Watch and The Kings of Summer.

In 2015, Moriarty became a member of the main cast of the popular Netflix show Jessica Jones and quickly became a familiar figure among the audiences through her outstanding performances.

Erin Moriarty’s journey is a testament to her passion and skill in acting, and her story continues to unfold on both the small and big screens.

Nonetheless, Moriarty remains a captivating figure in the entertainment world, leaving audiences eager to see what she’ll conquer next.

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