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Who Is Erin Perrine Husband, Nick? Family & Kids

Erin Perrine, who served as a deputy communication director for Donald Trump, is currently in the spotlight, and netizens are curious about her personal life, including who Erin Perrine husband Nick is. So, let us find out here!

Erin Perrine was born on July 22, 1998, in Rochester, New York, to her parents, Casey Callanan and Karen Smith Callanan.

She is a graduate in Political Science from the University of Connecticut.

Prior to the political field, she used to participate in sports leagues and organizations during her school years before venturing into political internships and roles.

Besides being deputy director for the 2020 campaign, she has also graced the screens of Fox and CNN, sharing her insights.

Despite her accomplishments in the political arena, details about her husband have remained somewhat elusive to the public.

Who Is Erin Perrine Husband, Nick? Marriage Life

Erin Perrine, a notable figure in American politics, is often in the limelight for her professional endeavors.

But many particularly know her for her role as the deputy communications director for former President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

However, behind the scenes, Erin shares a fulfilling personal life with her husband, Nick Perrine.

Erin Perrine
Erin Perrine first stepped into politics as a press secretary. (Source: Twitter)

Erin and Nick Perrine exchanged vows on July 2, 2016, in a ceremony held at St. Matthews Cathedral in Washington.

Their journey together traces back to 2010 in Wisconsin, where they initially crossed paths while working on Ron Johnson’s campaign.

Despite the common misconception of love at first sight, their relationship blossomed gradually over time.

Further, they collaborated on various projects, nurturing a deep bond rooted in mutual respect and shared goals.

Nick Perrine, like his wife, has made his mark in the political arena.

Working alongside Erin on Ron Johnson’s successful Senate campaign, Nick played a pivotal role in their shared political journey.

Nick remains actively engaged despite his eventual retirement from politics, enjoying family moments and cheering on the Wisconsin Badgers with loved ones.

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Does Erin Perrine Have Any Kids With Husband Nick?

While Erin and her husband, Nick Perrine, have built a strong foundation of love and companionship over the years, their family has yet to expand with children.

Despite this, their home is filled with warmth and affection, with the presence of their beloved dogs, Lincoln and Reagan.

Erin and Nick’s decision to focus on their careers and nurturing their relationship speaks volumes about their commitment to each other.

So, in the near future, Erin Perrine and her husband Nick might have kids.

Erin Perrine husband
Erin Perrine is a well-known name in the American political system. (Source: Twitter)

Their shared journey, marked by mutual support and understanding, inspires those around them.

As they celebrate over six years of marriage, Erin and Nick Perrine exemplify the beauty of partnership and companionship.

They cherish each moment together as they navigate life’s adventures hand in hand.

While the pitter-patter of little feet may not grace their home yet, their love knows no bounds.

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