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Ethan Crumbley Health Status: Is He Still Facing Mental Issues?

Michigan shooter Ethan Crumbley went through various mental health examinations, and the results from the experts of the prosecutor and the defence team are contradictory.

Ethan Crumbley is the teenager who is responsible for the 2021 school shooting at the Oxford High School in Michigan.

He ended up killing four students and injuring seven people, including a teacher.

The law enforcement decided to charge him as an adult even though he was only 15 at the time.

On the 8th of December, 2023, the court found Ethan Crumbley guilty and got a life sentence without a chance of parole.

The case, however, is still ongoing; the defence suggests there is more to it than it appears.

As per them, Ethan Crumbley is mentally ill, for which he underwent several health examinations.

Mental Health Struggles Of Ethan Crumbley: Defense and Prosecution Clash On It

The mental health of Ethan Crumbley has been very pivotal to the entire case.

It is because law enforcement found out that he had written a journal during the investigation.

Ethan Crumbley mugshot
Ethan Crumbley is an Oxford High School mass shooter. (Source: Twitter)

In the journal, he many times writes about his battle with demons and mental health struggles.

He asks for help and also reveals that he has talked about his mental struggles with his parents.

After being arrested, Ethan Crumbley was put through various mental health tests. It was for the authorities to find out what was wrong with him.

The defence psychology expert Dr Colin King testified that he was diagnosed with major depressive bipolar and psychosis.

To prove his point further, Dr Colin King mentioned how Ethan Crumbley had been saying things like, ‘I am the demon.’

Ethan Crumbley caught during investigation
Ethan Crumbley’s mother, Jennifer, was also found guilty in a mass shooting case. (Source: Twitter)

According to the doctor, for someone to say those kinds of things, they have to have a severe mental health disorder.

However, the prosecutor’s expert, Lisa Anacker, who also examined Ethan, disagrees.

She says that after conducting a proper examination, she found no signs of mental health disorder in Ethan Crumbley.

So, in this clash between two psychologists, it’s hard to claim if Ethan Crumbley has any severe health issues.

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Is Ethan Crumbley Still Facing Mental Issues? Prosecution Strategic Planning 

Lisa adds that Ethan Crumbley has not engaged in any unusual behaviour that would be typical of psychosis in or around the shooting.

Furthermore, she also mentions how Ethan Crumbley has not spoken about demons, paranoia, hallucinations, or delusions after his arrest.

According to the prosecution, he planned out the shooting with an obvious mind.

The manifesto that Ethan Crumbley wrote the night before the shooting shows he was very strategic about choosing who to kill.

A man pictured during Ethan Crumbley's hearing in the court
Ethan Crumbley got life imrisonment. (source: Twitter)

However, they are not arguing about his intense home life. The prosecutors have filed charges against the parents of Ethan for involuntary manslaughter.

According to them, the parents should face consequences for not letting the school know that Ethan had access to a gun.

But they say that it’s no excuse for Ethan to conduct a mass shooting.

The two contradicting reports by the prosecutor and defence team experts are highly confusing.

This is why it is hard to say if Ethan Crumbley is still facing the mental health issues that were mentioned before.

There may be a chance that the authorities will conduct other various examinations to get the answers finally.

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