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Eva Pilgrim Wikipedia: Age and Biography of ABC Correspondent

Despite being a prominent co-anchor of GMA3, Eva Pilgrim does not have a Wikipedia. Find out who she is here.

Eva Pilgrim is an ABC News Correspondent, also known for being the co-host of Good Morning America.

Eva Pilgrim came into the limelight after she replaced Amy Robach as the new GMA3 Anchor.

This replacement came off after a scandal of Amy Robach with T.J Holmes.

Although Eva Pilgrim joined ABC in 2015, she got this big breakthrough in 2023 following the unfortunate incident.

The replacement by the network was for both the hosts of the show. Initially, there was outrage after this event.

As Eva Pilgrim continues to make an impact as a co-host, her Wikipedia has become a topic of discussion for many.

Eva Pilgrim Wikipedia: Age and Biography of ABC Correspondent

Despite being a headline of a major show on ABC, Eva Pilgrim does not yet have a Wikipedia.

This has left fans wondering about her private life, including her age and biography.

Eva Pilgrim was born on August 30, 1982, in Seoul, South Korea and is currently 41 years old as of 2023. 

Her age also reflects a career that spans over a decade in the field of journalism.

As Eva Pilgrim continues to shine in the world of journalism her Wikipedia has gained a lot of traction
Eva Pilgrim belongs to the Korean-American ethnicity. (Source: Instagram)

Eva Pilgrim’s parents are Tim Pilgrim and In Sook Gayle. Her father’s job in the military caused her to move to the United States at a young age.

Growing up, she lived in various cities across the United States, including Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.

Eva Pilgrim’s academic journey was as dynamic as her childhood.

She attended the University of South Carolina and the University of Florida, where she pursued her higher education.

These formative years were instrumental in honing her skills and fueling her passion for journalism.

However, none of this information is available on Wikipedia as Eva Pilgrim surprisingly does not have a Wikipedia.

Eva with her family on the beach
Eva Pilgrim has a sister named Sherry. (Source: Instagram)

Eva Pilgrim is married to Ed Hartigan, and the couple even share a child.

Ed Hartigan generally stays out of social media, and much like Eva Pilgrim, he, too, does not have a dedicated Wikipedia.

It is, however, known that Ed Hartigan was born in England and graduated from Brunel University London.

As of date, Hartigan is leading his career as a digital marketing and media director.

The couple welcomed their child back in October 2021. They named their child as Ella.

Ella is a regular feature on Eva Pilgrim’s social media page, specifically her Instagram handle. 

Eva Pilgrim Career Trajectory And Major Highlights

Eva Pilgrim has only recently come into the limelight with her replacement of Amy Robach.

Since a controversy followed the replacement, people have been eager about Eva Pilgrim.

Primarily the curiosity is regarding what her career background is.

Eva Pilgrim started her journey in media at WIS-TV in Columbia. She then worked for several stations, including WVVA, Fox Charlotte, and WXIN TV.

Eva Pilgrim has been with ABC for over 7 years now as she started back in 2016.

Initially, Eva Pilgrim joined ABC as a correspondent and later transitioned towards being a weekend co-anchor.

After the big breakthrough replacing Amy, Eva Pilgrim co-hosted GMA3 and gained popularity for it.

Eva Pilgrim has been regularly praised for her hardworking, kind and dedicated nature.

Eva Pilgrim on the sets of Good Morning America with Gio
Eva Pilgrim’s career got recognition from anchoring at WPVI in 2015. (Source: Instagram)

Unlike almost all her co-anchors, Eva Pilgrim does not have a Wikipedia, and this has prompted fans to search more about her.

Eva Pilgrim’s boss Kim Godwin who is ABC News president, openly praises her.

Eva has previously covered major news like the mass shooting in Nashville.

To add to this, she also covered the infamous Alex Murdaugh trial.

Other major coverage headlined by Eva Pilgrim are the 2020 presidential election and George Floyd’s murder.

This prominent news catapulted Eva Pilgrim within the ABC network, which later prompted her promotion.

The Wikipedia of GMA3: What You Need To Know has mentioned Eva Pilgrim as the co-host.

As of date, she shares the co-host responsibility along with DeMarco Morgan and Jennifer Ashton.

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