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Faraway Downs Wikipedia: Hulu TV Mini Series Plot, Review & Summary

The mini-series on Hulu, Faraway Downs has been taking the internet by storm as many search for the origin of the story with Wikipedia.

The adventure drama, Faraway Downs is an expanded version of Baz Luhrman’s 2008 film Australia.

With its touch of history and war, the series is set before the outbreak of World War II.

Further, Faraway Downs showcases entertaining and raw performances from its cast members.

Moreover, the thrilling plot of the series hooked the audience from the first episode.

After its release, many searches for the Wikipedia of Faraway Downs doe details including plot summary, cast, and review.

Faraway Downs Wikipedia: Hulu TV Mini-Series Plot Summary

With the Wikipedia of Faraway Downs, dive into the summary of the drama’s plot.

The adventure series opens in 1939, continents away in England where Lady Sarah is introduced.

Further, she has grown frustrated with her husband, who is in Australia selling their massive cattle ranch, Faraway Downs.

Faraway Downs Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman
Sarah has a goal to sell her cattle. (Source: Instagram)

Fed up, Sarah travels across the ocean to obtain a divorce and dispose of the endless acres of land.

However, she is treated with the news of her husband’s untimely death making her the caretaker of the ranch.

Meanwhile, a biracial Indigenous child, Nullah comes around and becomes Sarah’s favorite.

Moreover, Sarah also learns of a plot by a cattle baron, King Carney, to steal the estate.

As the story progresses, she teams up with rugged rancher Drover, to save the property and earn a military contract.

Likewise, Sarah finds herself drawn to the cattle herder despite his rough appearance.

Additionally, many challenges arose in the way of Sarah and her ultimate goal to sell the cattle to the army.

Faraway Downs Sarah and Drover
Sarah loses her husband after she comes back to the ranch. (Source: Instagram)

Apart from such problems, the story also portrays the experience of Aborigines with characters like Fletcher.

The farm’s manager convinces everyone that he is a good person but is behind many bad intentions.

As the end of the series inched close, Sarah fought through sandstorms and extreme weather to deliver her cattle.

Despite such difficulties, Sarah succeded in her final goal but had to see Drover take his last breaths.

In the summary of Faraway Downs, Nullah also bids his goodbye to Sarah as he goes for the Aboriginal Walkabout.

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Faraway Downs’s Review: Baz Luhrmann Attempts To Change The Ending

The reviews for Faraway Downs also garnered attention towards its Wikipedia page.

With Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman as the main lead in the series, director Baz Luhrmann tried something new.

Further, the chemistry of the lead is vibrant and radiates from the screen.

Many sequences of the series are accompanied by gorgeous scores, villainous characters, and excellent backgrounds.

Moreover, Luherman tries to explore Australia’s racist history and its Stolen Generations policy.

Faraway Downs director with Hugh Jackman
Faraway Downs aims to bring the tribal people to light. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, the final episode, War, concludes by noting the end of the country’s forced assimilation policy in 1973.

However, many seem to have a problem with the execution of the subject matter.

Similar to the film, the scope of Faraway Downs is vast for its Wikipedia.

Even with great performances by characters like Nullah, the tribal people are treated as a spectacle.

Meanwhile, the series favors white folks while sacrificing people of color.

Similarly, the mini-series on Hulu feels like it belongs to a different era with its overblown story.

Additionally, the director steered away from the original ending by killing off Drover after the attack.

Further, this led to Sarah facing the next chapter of her story alone adding a certain depth to her life.

Overall, Faraway Downs tries to bring splendor to the screens but fails to do so with its several flaws.

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