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Why Naruto is My Favorite Anime? Lessons I Learned

Being one of the classic anime, Naruto has built a strong fandom and is a favorite among many. The story is not just about unforgettable fights but also about the lessons we learn along the way.

Naruto is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto.

The series tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who seeks to be the Hokage, the leader of his village.

Further, from the beginning of the series in 1999, Naruto has gained popularity worldwide.

It is one of the best-selling manga series in history, having 250 million copies in circulation around the world.

Many resonate with the character Naruto as he endured countless hardships and sorrow.

In addition, the series scatters many impactful life lessons throughout that can teach us a lot.

Why Naruto is My Favorite Anime? Lessons I Learned

Naruto was essentially a big part of many’s childhood and teen years.

The depth of the plot and the journey of each character is what makes Naruto such a remarkable series.

Moreover, the protagonist is mistreated by the villagers, and he constantly tries to surpass their expectations.

Naruto as a child
Naruto was a naughty child and troubled the villagers. (Source: Twitter)

Not only the main character, the villains of the series are also some of the few with whom many feel connected.

Further, the emotions like humor, sadness, anger and joyfulness are all conveyed to reach our hearts.

Naruto, as a character, is compassionate and kind, which teaches us an important lesson to connect with others.

In addition, one of the main points of the story is the idea that people have the power to change their destiny.

Kakashi carrying Naruto
Naruto trains under Kakashi Hatake, along with Sakura and Sasuke. (Source: Facebook)

Originally branded as a monster and a failure due to possession of the Nine-Tailed Fox, no one around Naruto believed in him.

However, he never let those words get to him and worked to achieve his dreams relentlessly.

Moreover, a famous quote by Naruto describes destiny as,

If you don’t like your destiny, don’t accept it. Instead have the courage to change it the way you want it to be

This also teaches the audience to never give in to the cycle of hatred and revenge and to work on themselves.

Likewise, characters like Sakura show how all good things come with time, and improvement takes both dedication and self-realization.

Both the villains and side characters of the series display matters of loyalty and the possibility of redemption.

All things accounted for, the simplicity of delivering these messages to the masses is what makes Naruto my favorite anime.

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Naruto: The Beauty Of The Shonen Classic

Critics and fans consider the series one of the best of the generation and a masterpiece.

Firstly, Naruto is one of the most well-written characters in anime.

His story is inspirational as well as quite emotional. With many hardships, he gains respect and trust in the end.

Naruto hugging Sasuke while smiling
Naruto has made meaningful friendships throughout the series. (Source: Twitter)

Many fans grew up with the character and witnessed his journey, which creates a sense of deep relation.

Further, even the villains are well-written and unforgettable unlike other series.

They have their unique motivations, exciting powers and even greater origin stories.

Moreover, side characters like Kakashi Hatake, Sasuke Uchiha, and Jiraiya are some of the most popular of all time.

Similarly, each arc of the series enhances the action sequences, making them more exciting and innovative.

Naruto putting his hand on his head in anime
Naruto is now the Hokage despite all the difficulties in the past. (Source: Twitter)

Memorable and unique soundtracks tie up all the scenes and fights, making it one of my favorite among anime.

The blend of traditional Japanese music and modern rock in Naruto soundtracks has endeared fans around the world.

As a result, Naruto has inspired many other creators and their works.

Naruto has heavily influenced Mangas like Black Clover, Soul Eater, and Hunter x Hunter.

The story of Naruto beautifully covers aspects of life like friendship, willpower, loyalty, and bonds like no other.

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