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Who Is Faze Sway Girlfriend, Alina Rose? TikTok Split Rumors

With the growing popularity of his YouTube channel, the personal life of Faze Sway, especially his love life, has always been a topic of discussion and with that, netizens are asking him to reveal his girlfriend. 

Faze Sway, aka Josue Burgos, is a big name in the gaming community and content creation.

He creates gaming content and shares it on his official YouTube channel, boasting a current subscriber of 3.97 million.

The now-famous YouTuber started making YouTube videos at the age of 9 in June 2013. 

However, his first video came out in a public sight somewhere in March 2017.

He joined Faze Clan two years later, becoming the team’s youngest member. He has achieved a lot in his career so early.

Recently, via Twitter, he announced his child’s upcoming arrival, posting his pictures with Alina Rose. 

Since then, there has been widespread concern regarding Alina Rose, the girlfriend of Faze Sway. 

Faze Sway Girlfriend, Alina Rose: Their Relationship Timeline

Lately, many curiosities have surrounded Faze Sway and his girlfriend, Alina Rose. 

The two sparked rumors of being a couple after Alina followed Sway in the Faze Clan.

But since the couple didn’t address the rumor then, it remained a mystery for some time.

Later, on April 2, 2023, Faze officialized his relationship with Alina via Twitter. Additionally, the couple mentioned in the post that they are expecting a child.  

His tweet featured a picture of their baby’s sonography report on one side and them on the other.

Faze Sway announcing the pregnancy with his Girlfriend Alina in Twitter.
Faze Sway’s girlfriend has an Only Fans account. (Source: Twitter)

Faze Sway’s supporters were overjoyed upon learning the news. They considered it a joyous moment for him.

Nevertheless, it remains uncertain whether Alina Rose, the girlfriend of Faze Sway, is still pregnant.

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Did Faze Sway And Alina Rose Breakup?

Recently, Faze Sway and his girlfriend Alina Rose have hardly shared their pictures on social media, leaving their fans doubtful if the two have broken up.

In the past, the pair used to post pictures capturing their shared moments, reflecting the depth of their affection.

But they have taken down all those photos, including the one that they posted while announcing the pregnancy.

Taking away all the pictures felt like deleting memories, which left people wondering about their potential breakup.

Faze and Alina together in a video
Faze Sway and his girlfriend were last seen together in August. (Source: TikTok)
Besides, the couple previously maintained a TikTok page under the username @alinaandswayy, where they regularly shared videos.
However, their latest joint video on that TikTok page dates back to August 19, 2023.
As of now, it’s been four months since they appeared together. In this respect, we can assume that the two have separated. 
However, whether their story has concluded or is still ongoing remains unknown as the two still follow each other on their respective Instagram account.


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