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Frank Scherma Wikipedia, Net Worth: President Of RadicalMedia

Frank Scherma, the president of RadicalMedia, maintains a low profile, avoiding publicity. Due to the mysterious personality of Frank Scherma, netizens are curious and searching for his net worth through Wikipedia.

Frank Scherma is a big-shot producer, crew member, and talent agent in the entertainment world.

He has left his mark on TV with hits like Under African Skies, Fear the Walking Dead: Passage, and Stan Against Evil.

Moreover, Frank Scherma isn’t just a media guru but also the big boss at the Television Academy.

There, he’s making sure everyone gets to watch shows for free, promoting more girl power in directing and throwing in some DOK magic.

Consequently, people are seeking interest in the life of Frank Scherma and are actively searching for his Wikipedia page.

Frank Scherma Wikipedia: Age, Family And Early Life 

The Wikipedia page for Frank Scherma seems to be lacking despite his significant contributions and achievements in the entertainment industry.

However, this article has included all the personal information of Frank Scherma, which could be helpful for his future Wikipedia.

Frank Scherma, born on April 3, 1956, is a lively Aries and is currently 67 years old.

Frank Scherma enjoying drinks
Frank Scherma has credited his Italian upbringing as his greatest management influence. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, he has managed to keep his personal life closed off; thus, we know little about his family.

He has opted to live in anonymity, cherishing his privacy.

As for his career, Frank’s fire of interest in movies and performing pushed him into the position of head of the actors’ bureau during his school years.

Frank Scherma kept chasing his dreams and attended the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre.

There, he learned from masters like William Esper, Sanford Meisner, and Philip Gushee.

Meanwhile, it has been over twenty years since Frank married his wife, Cari Scherma. They have two daughters and a son named Nick Scherma.

Frank Scherma in suit
Frank Scherma has also won the Academy Award, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards, and Palme d’Or. (Source. LinkedIn)

Frank’s wife, Cari Scherma, is known to the public and often accompanies him at different functions and on red carpets.

On the other hand, Frank and his spouse want to keep their private family life away from the public.

Frank also enjoys being private, but he is notorious for speaking loudly about his personal opinion and has vowed to be a trendsetter in the industry.

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The President Of RadicalMedia: Career And Net Worth

Frank Scherma is the president and co-founder of RadicalMedia, a leading independent media and production company.

He is like a wizard with brains, making all kinds of content in TV, movies, music, and ads.

During his reign at RadicalMedia, several award-winning projects have emerged that are highly commendable.

Moreover, Frank Scherma has been working with AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers) for nearly two decades.

This shows his dedication to providing a voice for the community and voicing decisions that affect their businesses.

Frank Scherma with dog
Frank Scherma with his dog named Big Lu. (Source: Twitter)

In addition, Frank Scherma’s leadership is exemplified in his role as chairman and CEO of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

He has also brought in significant measures, including a free screening quota for female directors and DOK integration.

Although Frank Scherma’s entertainment career made him a lot of money, his net worth is not disclosed to the general public.

However, some sources say his estimated net worth throughout his successful career is more than $10 million.

But there is no doubt that his long service as a producer, CEO, and co-founder of the RadicalMedia brand has contributed to his financial success.

Even though Frank Scherma is very successful in his professional life, he still keeps the facts about his parents or siblings private.

Nonetheless, he keeps some profile on social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter, where his primary focus is work rather than attending to what people think about him in entertainment.

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