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Trumpet Player Freddie Jones Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is The Musician?

Playing one of the oldest instruments in the world, Freddie Jones is one of the most popular Jazz trumpet players and composers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. And music lovers want to know more about Trumpet player Freddie Jones on Wikipedia.

Born in the early 1900s in Memphis, Tennessee, musician Freddie’s life revolves around his deep passion for music.

Introduced to the instrument at twelve, and the unwavering support from his family fueled his musical journey.

He joined AFM Local 71 and marked his initial step towards mastering the trumpet.

Balancing education, he completed his studies at Memphis State and later pursued jazz studies at Central State University in Ohio.

Where he ventured through Dallas/Fort and earned his degree at the University of North Texas.

Freddie’s gradual ascent in the music world has captivated audiences.

His story echoes the perseverance and dedication required for a successful career in the realm of music.

Netizens are more curious about Trumpet player Freddie Jones on Wikipedia and age.

Trumpet Player Freddie Jones Wikipedia And Age

Trumpet player Freddie Jones, aged 35, lacks a dedicated Wikipedia page as of 2023.

He was raised alongside brothers Willy and James Mitchell, founders of the Memphis Horns, Freddie honed his musical prowess immersed in the local scene.

His breakthrough came in 2013, performing the National Anthem solo for the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium.

Trumpet player Freddie Jones with his friends.
Trumpet player Freddie Jones the man who played the trumpet like never before and put his effort into opening an organization. (Source: Instagram)

It was a surprising turn for someone who never envisioned playing for 80,000 people.

Amidst his notable achievements, Freddie takes immense pride in founding Trumpets4Kids.

A nonprofit leveraging music to positively influence children’s lives.

While absent from Wikipedia, his significant contributions hint at potential recognition in the future.

His rising music career has made him build an organization that donates instruments to the youth.

More people have become more interested in the career and organization of Trumpet player Freddie Jones.

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Trumpet Player Freddie Jones Organization And Career 

The Memphis-bred jazz trumpeter Freddie Jones has been the Dallas Cowboys’ National Anthem player for the past decade.

Also, the Cowboys have a huge fan following over the years in the black community.  

His debut first came out in the opener in 2013, flanked by the member of Loy family holding jerseys with No.22.

The roots started in the area of Dallas. However, the musician now plays for the clubs and teaches at Brookhaven College.

Setting up his career he has now vanished from the face of the internet and only appeared on the Television.

Freddie Jones at the beginning of the show.
Freddie Jones the trumpet player at the beginning of the game. (Source: Instagram)

In just three years he had made his appearance on the giant video board hanging over the field at $1.2 billion AT&St Stadium for the 17th time.

He also said in an interview that for him playing the trumpet is like something great, I think it’s a wonderful opportunity.

The trumpet player has told his stories of seeing him onscreen and definitively honoring his parents. 

With hours of torturous practice, he had learned to play the darn thing.

His hard work and eagerness to let the Cowboys help him create an organization in 2007.

The organization Jones officially started in 2014 and the name of the organization is Trumpets4Kids.

This foundation can donate trumpets to students who can’t afford them.

The musician is bringing his dream to life and teaching kids for the future to be talented musicians.

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