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What Is Gege Akutami Gender, JJK Writer: A Man, Woman Or Panda?

Gege Akutami, the famous Japanese manga artist of Jujutsu Kaisen, has been able to capture the hearts of many with their beautiful stories and amazing characters. However, Gege Akutami gender is still a puzzle for the fans.

Born on February 26, 1992, Gege Akutami is famous for their unique writing style and love for the supernatural stuff.

Their career began with short stories introducing many readers to their talent and creativity.

In 2014, Akutami published Kamishiro Sōsa, a short manga that truly showcased their amazing story-writing skills.

Later, they wrote another short manga, No.9, which amazed the readers with its mysterious story.

The Mystery Surrounding Gege Akutami Gender: Fans Left Wondering

Even after writing many more mangas and establishing a very big fanbase, some aspects of Gege’s life are still a big mystery for fans.

The debate about Gege’s gender recently got fueled after a fellow manga writer, Ken Akamatsu, causally referred to Gege as a woman.

Especially since Gege Akutami also has never revealed their face on the camera.

Ken Akamatsu might’ve some inside information, but we cannot say for sure. (Source: Animehunch)

The tweet was regarding the freedom of expression and political correctness for manga writers.

Many were left speechless because they thought Gege was a male.

Their assumption came from a very valid place, as Gege has previously used male pronouns.

The writer also has opened up about attending an all-male school.

In one of Gage’s interviews with comedian Kendo Kobayashi, the writer spoke in a voice that sounded a lot like a male.

However, those were only assumptions, and Gege’s gender identity was never confirmed before.

The fans in a Reddit discussion mentioned that it is not a new thing for female manga artists to disguise themselves as male.

Satoru Gojo showing his six eye technique
Although Gojo is a fan-favorite character, the author Gege does not like Gojo.

Further, women comparatively get less acceptance in the industry than men.

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Gege Akutami Gender Sparks Fan Debates, But Shouldn’t Their Work Speak Louder?

Fans also discuss that one of the main reasons for so much attention to the gender of Gege is the writer themself.

According to them, Gege Akutami could have made it possible to make their work the main highlight by properly addressing their gender.

Gege uses mixed pronounce in their writing and never makes a clear statement.

The fans are now more focused on it rather than their work.

Further, they are in a dilemma about how to address their favorite writer with speculations only.

Jujutsu Kaisen
Jujutsu Kaisen’s popularity has, even more, highlighted the Gege Akutami Gender discussions. (Source: Looper)

Some also suggest that Gege can be a non-binary individual as the writer may neither identify as a male nor a female.

However, it’s always important to respect an individual’s privacy.

It would be very disrespectful to speculate anything without proper information.

Rather than focusing on their gender, the fans could focus on Gege’s work.

The debate only proves how mysterious the famous writer is.

It is very ironic yet very interesting how a person whose career thrives on popularity has been able to be secretive about such details of their life.

Gege Akutami Gender
Jujutsu Kaisen writer Gege Akutami’s Gender speculations are valid, but fans definitely should wait for Gege himself to reveal it. (Source: Looper)

Ultimately, whether Gege Akutami is a man, woman, or panda, their talent and storytelling in Jujutsu Kaisen have left manga fans amazed.

As fans, we should be celebrating their creative achievements rather than speculating about their personal life.

Unmasking Gege Akutami: The Mysterious Face Behind Jujutsu Kaisen’s Creator

Some fans of JJK also often wonder what the real face of Gege Akutami may look like.

It is because Gege has never come to the public without a mask.

Gege has had many interactions with JJK fans but it has always been behind the screen or with a mask.

It seems that, like the gender of Gege Akutami, the writer’s face reveal is also going to take some time.

Many fans assume that Gege does not want to reveal his face right now because it adds an extra layer of curiosity and mystery among JJK fans.

There are many characters in JJK itself whose face reveal is much awaited.

Maybe Gege is waiting for a perfect time to reveal his face with one of the characters.

Up until now, many pictures have been viral about Gege’s face but there are no confirmations about any of it being real.

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