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General Hospital Spencer Funeral: Is He Dead? Rumor Explained

General Hospital presents new twists in the story as viewers prepare to witness the funeral of Spencer. What is in store next for the plot? Find out further in this article!

The American daytime soap opera, General Hospital is the longest-running series in production.

The show was created by husband-and-wife soap writers Frank and Doris Hursley, who set it in a hospital in an unnamed fictional city.

Further, General Hospital has featured exceptional actors over the years including Carolyn Craig, Emily McLaughlin, and Roy Thinnes.

With over 15k episodes and 61 seasons, the series has earned the love of fans worldwide.

In recent episodes, the death of a particular character has piqued the interest of viewers.

Moreover, they seek answers regarding the funeral scene for Spencer in this week’s run of General Hospital.

General Hospital Spencer Funeral: Is He Dead? Rumor Explained

Over the last week, General Hospital had to bid farewell to some of its prominent characters.

Among those, fans particularly worry about the whereabouts of Spencer following his funeral scenes in General Hospital.

During a Parisian Gateway episode, Spencer, Trina, and Esme were all on a private yacht.

Spencer talking to Esme
Spencer dislikes Esme as she often tries to sabotage him. (Source: Twitter)

Further, Spencer expressed his love and commitment toward Trina and promised to spend the rest of his life with her.

However, things went south when Esme decided to ruin the proposal by setting the boat on a new course.

Moreover, all means of communication were cut off, resulting in a fight where Spencer and Esme fell off the boat.

This leads to a funeral scene dedicated to Spencer without the discovery of his body in the General Hospital.

Nonetheless, many rumors sparked regarding the death of the character in the story.

However, Spencer is not dead in General Hospital as the plot also showcased his belongings washed up on the shore.

Later, it was revealed that Spencer is only out of the plot for a while as the actor, Nicholas Chavez is taking a temporary break.

Spencer having a drink in General Hospital
Spencer’s potential demise has opened the path for the new family heir. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, he has landed the role of Lyle Menendez in the upcoming Netflix limited series which has collided with the schedule of General Hospital.

Fortunately, Nicholas is expected to return to the series once he’s done filming his project.

Regardless, the date of his return hasn’t been confirmed by the team making fans even more curious.

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Funeral Brings In New Faces In The Soap Opera

With the funeral of Spencer, the General Hospital dives into the plot with other characters.

Soon after the yacht accident, Trina rushes to her best friend as a way to cope with the grief.

Further, William Lipton makes a comeback as Cameron after leaving the show in March 2023.

Spencer smiling with a co-star
Spencer’s funeral will be the highlight of the next release. (Source: Twitter)

The actor prioritized his real-life college studies during his break and will return to the show with the funeral episode.

Along with that, Adam Herrington is a new addition to the cast for the role of John Katers, also known as Jagger.

Moreover, General Hospital hasn’t incorporated the character, originated by Antonio Sabato Jr., since 1995.

He portrayed Jagger in the series spinoff, Night Shift, receiving much praise and admiration from viewers.

However, Adam has faced criticism for playing the role as he doesn’t match the appearance of Jagger.

Additionally, the team decided to call him John in the series to keep him away from negative comments.

Spencer during an interview
The actor is taking a break for personal reasons. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, General Hospital has been facing a serious drop in its rating over the past couple of years.

This could be the reason for the dismissal of Van Etten and O’Connor as the series’s co-head writers.

Now, viewers hope that the new writers manage to pull the plot in the right direction with their skills.

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