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Gerry Turner Wikipedia, Age: Restaurateur From Golden Bachelor

The first-ever Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner, has made quite a name for himself as people all over the internet searched for the Wikipedia of Gerry Turner.

Born on August 7, 1951, Gerry Turner is the oldest among the four kids.  

He was raised in Ottumwa, Iowa, and spent his childhood with his parents, Everett and Norma “Peggy” Turner.

Meanwhile, Gerry Turner is a former restaurateur and Mr. Quick Restaurants’s owner.

Additionally, he enjoys hosting barbecues, playing pickleball, and spending time with his family and friends at the local spots.

Recently, he appeared in the American TV series Golden Bachelor, where he had fans falling in love.

Moreover, with the growing number of fans, people want to get more information about Gerry Turner through his Wikipedia.

Gerry Turner Wikipedia: Early Life And Career

The 72-year-old TV personality Gerry Turner grew up in a small town. His parents raised him alongside three siblings – Brenda, Larry, and Derrin Turner.

He was a brilliant student since childhood and went to the local high school for his education. 

Moreover, he was the most popular boy in his senior year after playing football and baseball for his school team.

Furthermore, Gerry also met his wife in the same local school and started dating at 16.

Garry turner with his daughter and his ex-wife.
Gerry Turner was married to his passed-away wife for 43 years.

Eventually, he graduated from high school in 1969 and pursued his dream of working in the restaurant industry.

After graduating from high school, he began his career in the food sector at just 20 years of age after partnering with a Mr. Quick Restaurant franchise.

Gerry eventually bought out the partners and became the firm’s sole owner of its five restaurant locations.

After working closely as a partner in the operation of the restaurants, in December 1985, he decided to work as a Produce Salesman for Kenmore Foods for another three years.

Later, he went on working with John Morrell & Co. as a key Account Salesman and helped them raise the sales. 

Furthermore, he joined Rock River Provision in 2004 and worked with them as Director of Sales and Marketing.

He has been with the company for an incredible 19 years, which is notable in the Wikipedia of Gerry Turner.

Additionally, Gerry’s LinkedIn page still lists it as his current job.

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Family And Golden Bachelor Journey Of Gerry Turner

Despite being a widower at present, Gerry actively shared a bond with his high school sweetheart, having been married since 1977.

Unfortunately, Gerry’s wife died abruptly in 2017 after 43 years of marriage.

They have two children, Angie and Jenny, and two granddaughters, Charlee and Payton.

Both of the daughters are understanding and have always supported his decisions.

However, we don’t have much information about the daughters and granddaughters of Gerry Turner to use on his Wikipedia page.

Garry Turner hugged by his daughters and granddaughters.
Encouraged by his family, Gerry actively joined the Golden Bachelor. (source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Gerry shared that when he first saw the Golden Bachelor advertisement, he shared it with his daughter, and interestingly, they encouraged him to pursue it.

They actively participated in the show’s promo, joining their father in a heartfelt discussion about his journey to finding love.

Furthermore, Gerry had quite an interesting past before being on the show.

An anonymous lady claimed to date Gerry pre-show even though he claims not to be able to get his passed-away wife from his mind.

Additionally, one day before the season finale, Caroline told the outlet that she dated Gerry for nearly three years, with their relationship beginning within a month of Toni’s passing.

However, Gerry never responded to the rumors and went on his journey of Golden Bachelor as one of the first-aged men in the spin-off.

Eventually, in the season finale, Gerry finds the second love of his life, Theresa Nist.

Moreover, as per sources, they plan to get married on January 4.

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