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Girl In The Basement Wikipedia: A Real Story With Its Synopsis

Netflix’s 2021 movie Girl in the Basement is a story that aligns with the harrowing events that unfolded in Austria, for people are searching for Wikipedia to learn about the victim Elisabeth and her story.

Sarah Cody, or the real-life Elisabeth, was a rebellious kid, mostly because she lived fearful of her father, who was an aggressive demon.

She attempted to run away from her family in the past, but the local authorities eventually found her.

Thus, the creator created Netflix’s Girl in the Basement story to lighten the life of Elisabeth Fritzl, a daughter, mother, and survivor, and here is the movie’s Wikipedia.

Girl In The Basement: How It All Started?

Elisabeth or Sarah desperately waited for her 18th birthday to arrive so she could leave her father and live away from his shadows.

Little did she know that her birthday would become the worst day of her life.

Sarah crying for help
Three out of six children alive live in normal circumstances with Josef and Rosemarie Upstairs. (Source: IMDb)

It was August 24, 1984, and Sarah was immensely happy when something suddenly shocked her world.

In the story, her father, Josef, or Don, lured her inside the Basement below the house as he pretended to ask her for help with repairs.

But little did she know that her father was preparing to lock her up in his self-made prison.

Once down, Josef used Ether to make Sarah unconscious and threw her inside the cell.

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Girl In The Basement: After Captivity

Soon after, Sarah’s mother, Irene, filed a missing person report at the local police station.

However, the police doubted that she had run away, just like in the past. Their suspicion was cemented when Don handed over a letter.

Sarah’s letter suggested she had left her house willingly because she was tired of her family.

Josef is trying to drink in the movie Girl In The Basement
Josef was also suspected of the murder of Martina Claudia, a 17-year-old girl. (Source: IMDb)

She even warned of leaving the country if anyone looked for her. Don later suggested that she might have joined a cult.

Several of these forced-written letters arrived at the police station from the hands of Don Cody, who claimed that Sarah sent them from Braunau.

For 24 years, in the story and real life, Don abused his daughter to satisfy his evil intentions.

Therefore, Girl in the Basement is a raw motion picture of Sarah’s horrific experiences, which Wikipedia includes.

Girl In The Basement: Story Inside The Cellar

Sarah Cody suffered the most hideous events at the hands of her father.

Don visited the Basement several times weekly to bring Sarah food and supplies.

Over the years, Don raped Sarah numerous times, resulting in her giving birth to seven children during her captivity.

Letter with words from Sarah of Girl In The Basement
Josef, aka Don, in the movie, wrote the letter himself to fool his wife. (Source: IMDb)

While posing as if Sarah had asked her family to adopt and look after them, Don took three of her children upstairs.

Meanwhile, one child died soon after birth. So, Don secretly dumped the body outside the house.

While the other three children remained in the Basement with Sarah.Elisabeth

On the other hand, Don shows his brutality and evil nature best when he decides to make Sarah and her remaining kids dig the Basement to enlarge it.

Girl In The Basement Wikipedia: Breaking Free

In April 2008, Sarah’s eldest daughter, Marie, aka Kerstin of real life, fell severely ill, and naturally, Sarah asked Don to take her to a doctor.

Initially, Don refused, but eventually, he agreed.

So, for the first time in 24 years, Sarah saw the outside world only for a while as she accompanied her daughter outside the chambers.

Later, Don rushed Marie to the hospital and claimed to have received a letter from her mother, Sarah.

The medical staff found Don’s story unconvincing and alerted the authorities about the events.

Eventually, the police start finding Marie’s lost mother. They even reopened Sarah’s previous case.

Don with a glass on the top of table
In 1967, Josef Fritzl was jailed for 18 months for the Rape of a 24-year nurse named Linz. (Source: IMDb)

Later, on April 26, Don allowed her to visit her daughter in the hospital along with her sons upon Sarah’s request.

Upon reaching the hospital, the medical staff tipped the police about Sarah’s presence and detained both of them.

Eventually, Sarah reveals the details of her father’s sins to the police.

She told every horrendous detail of Don’s actions against her inside that cellar for two hours.

Finally, on March 19, 2009, Don was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 15 years, concluding the Wikipedia of Girl in the Basement.

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