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Guty Carrera Wikipedia: La Casa de los Famosos Ecuadorian Actor

A few days back, the famous Mexican reality TV show La Casa de los Famosos announced Guty Carrera as its cast member, and following the news, many started searching for his details and looking for it on the Wikipedia page.

Guty Carrera, who comes from the beautiful country of Ecuador, is a famous model and television actor.

Born on September 30, 1990, he started his career as an actor and a model in Peru.

But things to note here are that he is not the only famous person from his family; his mother, Edith Tapia, was a renowned model.

Seeing his mom working in a glamorous field, he developed an interest in his early days and tried his hands at it, which succeeded to a certain extent, too.

However, many people only got to know him after his relationship with famous television star Brena Zambrano.

Currently, Guty Carrera and his Wikipedia are trending all over the internet for his entry in the show La Casa De Los Famosos.

Guty Carrera Wikipedia: Sneek Peek Into His Career 

The model and actor, Guty Carrera, started his career in the entertainment industry in 2013.

He participated in a very famous television show in Peru called Esto es Guerra, which became his career’s biggest turning point.

Actor Guty Carrera in pink suit
Guty Carrera rose as a reality TV star. (Source: Instagram)

Esto es Guerra was a reality TV show where the participants had to play various games and participate in various challenges to win.

In the show, Guty Carrera was part of the team Los Leones and performed exceptionally well.

He was so good at the games that he got the title ‘the best warrior of this season.’ He became one of the show’s fan favorites.

That is why he also got to participate in the fourth season of this show in 2016.

Guty Carrera posing in black suit
Guty Carrera is currently 33 years old. (Source: Instagram)

After his fantastic performance in the fourth season, the show’s makers asked him to be in the Mexican version of it.

The Mexican version of this show was called Guerreros and took place in 2020.

Likewise, his success in the reality game show series landed him in the acting role. His initial acting projects are not famous, but Guty Carrera acted so well on screen that it could be a great aspect to add to his Wikipedia.

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Guty Carrera’s Big Break In TV & His Failed Relationships

After working for several years in minor roles in various shows, Guty Carrera finally got his big break.

He got to play the role of Kate Del Castillo’s partner in the La Reina del Sur series.

This big break gave him colossal exposure, and Guty Carrera started acting internationally, due to which there is a wide internet surge on his Wikipedia.

Guty Carrera showing his body
Guty Carrera’s mom was a renowned model. (Source: Twitter)

Besides his career, his relationships with various famous females have been a topic of discussion among his fans.

His first known relationship was with a TV personality, Bendra Zambrano.

The relationship began in 2019, and they were very public about their admiration for each other.

They often shared their pictures on vacation, holding hands and kissing each other.

However, their relationship did not last long, and they decided to part ways. His other famous relationship was with Alejendria, Bulgaria, which also did not last.

After all this, Guty has become much more private about his personal and romantic life.

There are no details about the current partner of Guty Carrera, even if he has one. However, it would add spice to his Wikipedia if his failed relationships were mentioned. 

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