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Punching After Loss Hafid Alicea 2024 Update: Is He Banned?

Hafid Alicea, the teenage wrestler, is under scrutiny for a post-match sucker punch that broke his rival’s nose and netizens are now curious about his current whereabouts and any update on his situation. Let’s explore!

Hafid Alicea, the 14-year-old Illinois wrestler, is an eighth-grade student at Maine West High School.

He faced off against Corder of the SPAR Wrestling Academy in a freestyle match, concluding with a final score of 14-2.

Further, he sucker-punched his opponent after losing a wrestling match at an Oak Park River Forest High School tournament on April 8.

His actions left many in shock, prompting the Oak Park Police Department to issue him a citation.

Nevertheless, curiosity about Hafid Alicea update and whereabouts persists among people.

Punching After Loss Hafid Alicea 2024 Update: Is He Banned?

During an Oak Park River Forest High School wrestling tournament on April 8, Hafid Alicea shocked spectators by sucker-punching his opponent.

Alicea confessed to officers that he punched Corder out of frustration for losing the match, resulting in him receiving a citation.

Hafid Alicea
There are no updates about Hafid’s whereabout as of now. (Source: Twitter)

Nevertheless, netizens are eager for any update regarding the Hafid Alicea incident as of now.

Additionally, he incurred fines and penalties, with no current update available about Haif Alicea.

Despite widespread calls from netizens for a ban, there is no official confirmation or sources reporting Hafid Alicea’s suspension.

Therefore, the viral video disappointed users and wrestling fans, showcasing poor sportsmanship in the incident.

Hafid punching cooper
An increasing number of people actively demand barring Hafid from playing in any more games. (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, netizens voiced their disappointment with comments expressing their disapproval of his actions.

“Kinda goes beyond being a sore loser and more of just a criminal.”

In addition, the absence of any social media accounts used by him adds a mysterious element to his whereabouts.

Even now, netizens eagerly seek update, expressing continued curiosity about Hafid Alicea situation.

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Where Is The Kid Who Got Punched? Cooper Corder Update!

After Alicea punched Cooper, causing him to drop to the mat with a broken nose, it showcased boxing technique rather than wrestling

A woman, possibly Corder’s mother, hurried over to check on him and could be heard screaming in shock.

Despite the powerful punch, it appears that Corder’s injuries were less severe than initially feared, confined to a nose injury.

Cooper corder
Cooper Corder has resumed training, implementing safety precautions. (Source: Twitter)

As a precautionary measure, officials will require him to wear a face mask during his upcoming matches.

The young wrestler, with an impressive record of over 500 wins since the age of four, has shared his perspective on the recent match incident.

 “I didn’t want to retaliate. And I didn’t want to get hit again. At these next couple of tournaments, I’m going to be known as the kid who got punched. But I don’t want that to oversee all of my accomplishments. I would love to wrestle at a Division I level and accomplish other things I want to in life, like Olympic gold medals and all of that.”

Nevertheless, he is making the most of the situation and has already returned to training.

In the heat of wrestling matches, tensions can rise, but the actions leading to the punch reflected an unwarranted and regrettable decision by the opponent.

Despite Cooper’s recovery, criticism persists for Hafid Alicea actions, and people continue to seek update on his current situation.

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