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Harper Steele Wikipedia: Trans Actress Of Recent Documentary

Actress Harper Steele, featured in the documentary Will & Harper, reveals her uplifting journey of transitioning from male to female, ultimately prompting the quest for her Wikipedia page.

Harper Steele is an American writer, producer, and actress best known for her work on Saturday Night Live from 1995 to 2008.

Throughout her career, she goes by the name Andrew Steele, a male comedian.

But, recently, in the year 2022, Harper came out publicly as transgender.

After transitioning from male to female, she travelled cross-country with her longtime friend and SNL co-star Will Ferrell.

Their journey was documented in the 2024 film Will & Harper, which premiered at Sundance.

Despite her public makeovers, she remains very guarded about her personal life.

This made people curious about her personal life and actively search for the Wikipedia of Harper Steele.

Harper Steele Wikipedia: Trans Actress And Writer

Due to her inspiring story in the documentary Will and Harper, fans are curious about the personal life of actress Harper Steele.

However, it might upset many of her fans, as Wikipedia has not written anything about the actress Harper Steele.

This has left fans and netizens more curious as minimal information is available regarding her personal life.

Harper Steele was born Andrew Steele in August 1961 in Iowa City, Iowa, and brought up there by her parents, whose identities have not yet been disclosed.

As for her professional life, Harper moved to pursue a career in entertainment after graduating high school in 1979.

Harper and Will with Evan
Harper Steele and Will Ferrell have been best friends for 30 years and have been on many road trips together. (Source: Twitter)

She eventually landed a writing role on Saturday Night Live in 1995 and contributed as a writer and producer for over 13 years.

Though she presented as male and went by Andrew throughout her career, close friends like Will Ferrell knew of Harper’s struggles with gender identity.

In 2022, Harper Steele publicly came out as transgender through statements and appearances.

She expressed feeling liberated to finally live authentically as a woman.

As a writer and actress, Harper Steele has contributed to projects like Dillon, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, and The Spoils of Babylon.

Despite her public transition, Harper Steele remains highly private about details of her personal life, and her Wikipedia is highly in demand.

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Will And Harper Documentary On Harper Steele’s Transition

In 2023, Harper embarked on a road trip with her longtime friend Will Ferrell to process her transition.

Their journey across the United States was documented in the film Will & Harper, released in 2024.

The documentary captures Harper openly discussing her experiences as a transgender woman and public figure.

Scenes show Harper reconnecting with her Iowa City roots, including an emotional visit to her hometown high school.

There, Harper and Will visited with the Gender Sexuality Alliance club to share her story with LGBTQ+ students.

Harper Steele and Will Ferrell with city high glow club
Harper Steele and Will Ferrell visit Iowa City during their cross-country road trip documentary. (Source: Twitter)

For over 30 years, Harper Steele and Will Ferrell have been close friends and collaborators.

Their new documentary offers a raw, candid look into Harper’s deeply personal gender transition journey and identity.

While the details about her private marital status or family is under the media radar, Will & Harper demonstrates Harper Steele’s openness about her transition into the public eye.

Premiering to acclaim at Sundance, the doc positions Harper as a groundbreaking transgender actress in entertainment.

Though known for comedy, the film displays Harper and Will’s profound friendship during an intimate life change.

Subsequently, people praises Will & Harper for humanizing the transgender experience and Harper Steele’s courage.

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