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Alastor Teases Charlie! Hazbin Hotel Episode 7 Leaks, Release Date

With the popularity of Hazbin Hotel, viewers cannot seem to wait for new releases as they look for spoilers and leaks for episode 7. What happens between Charlie and Alastor? Find out here!

Hazin Hotel is an Amazon Prime adult animated series that premiered worldwide on January 18, 2024.

The series is a creation of freelance animators who released the pilot episode on YouTube.

Further, Charlie Morningstar leads the series, focusing on her quest to find a way for sinners to be rehabilitated and allowed into Heaven.

She aims to find a peaceful solution to the overpopulation problem in Hell with the help of her hotel.

However such plans soon attract the attention of the powerful Radio Demon, Alastor, who wants to help for his advantage.

As the episode 7 teaser showcased Alastor teasing Charlie, fans were eager for the leaks of Hazbin Hotel.

Alastor Teases Charlie! Hazbin Hotel Episode 7 Leaks, Release Date

Soon after the teaser release, viewers rushed to find the leaks for episode 7 of Hazbin Hotel as Alastor planned something sly.

Previously, Charlie and her girlfriend, Vaggie return to Hell with a warning that the next extermination begins in a month.

Further, her hotel is the major target as it helps sinners in their rehabilitation for a journey to Heaven.

Hazbin Hotel leaks where Alastor teases Charlie
Alastor has not revealed his true intentions. (Source: Twitter)

After their exit from Heaven, leaks of episode 7 reveal that Vaggie was an angel in Hazbin Hotel.

Such revelation puts Charlie in an emotional slump as she despises liars and people with ill intent.

However, to take advantage of the situation, Alastor makes an appearance and teases Charlie on her endeavors.

Moreover, the demon notes that she shouldn’t be slumping after dooming the lives of everyone she loves.

Along with that, Alastor states that such self-loathing doesn’t suit Charlie and she should put up a smile for the show.

Soon, Alastor manipulates her into a deal but doesn’t immediately demand for Charlie’s soul.

Rather, the demon wants a favor in return for information to defeat the angels from Heaven.

Alstor talking to Charlie in Hazbin Hotel leaks
Charlie takes the burden of redeeming the sinners. (Source: Twitter)

While Charlie and Alastor gather an army from Cannibal Town, Vaggie learns how to fight angels with unique weapons.

At the end of the leaks of episode 7, Carmilla helps the team to supply the defense weapons as Vaggie regains her wings in Hazbin Hotel.

Further, Amazon Prime Video scheduled the episode for release on February 1, 2024.

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Did Alastor Die In Finale? Fan Theories And Predictions For Season 2

The final episode of Hazbin Hotel filled viewers with twists and surprises, keeping them on the edge of their seats.

For the most part, they worried about the whereabouts of their favorite as extermination day approached.

Moreover, an all-out war between the angels and sinners unleashes with even Alastor fighting to his full potential.

Charlie shaking hands with a character in leaks of Hazbin Hotel
Charlie possesses immense powers as the daughter of Lucifer. (Source: Twitter)

However, Alastor gets badly wounded in his fight with Adam, a descendant of Heaven, as things don’t go as planned.

Such events made viewers question if Alastor was dead in the finale of Hazbin Hotel.

Regardless, he was badly wounded with his staff broken and decided to flee the scene immediately. 

Approaching the end, the finale episode shows how Adam destroys the hotel before Lucifer defeats him.

With an exciting ending, fans eagerly looked for information for the second season of the series.

At the end of the current season, Charlie was able to rebuild her hotel to a greater state with her friends.

Meanwhile, Pentious’s appearance proved that sinners can redeem themselves from their past actions.

Hazbin Hotel Charlie and Vaggie
Hazbin Hotel has reached the Prime Video Top 5 list. (Source: Twitter)

The creator of the Hazbin Hotel has confirmed the season 2 release; however, the exact date remains unknown.

Additionally, fans theorize that the next release will focus on the backstory of Lilith and Alastor.

The true intention of the demon hasn’t been revealed yet, but it could be a major aspect of the following season.

Moreover, viewers hope to get answers to several questions opened by the first season of the series.

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