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Hazen Audel Wikipedia: TV Presenter Famous For Primal Survivor

With an extreme passion for adventure and natural history, Hazen Audel is a known name in the industry as many search for his details, including his personal Wikipedia.

Hazen Audel is best known for his National Geographic series Primal Survivor, where he travels the world.

He journeys through remote locations and survives the problematic life of indigenous people.

Moreover, Audel displays a wide range of adventures from the show, giving viewers a thrilling experience.

Over two decades of his endeavors, the presenter has participated in various exotic activities.

Now, with his new safari to Africa, fans are invested in the Wikipedia of Hazen Audel.

Hazen Audel Wikipedia: Meet TV Presenter Famous For Primal Survivor

Despite being a popular TV personality, Hazen Audel does not yet have a Wikipedia dedicated to him.

However, his online profiles give us a sneak into his details.

The 49-year-old traveler, Hazen Audel, was born on January 25, 1974, in Spokane, Washington.

Primal Survivor presenter Hazen Audel
Audel has traveled across continents for his show. (Source: Instagram)

Further, his parents come from the native background of Kootenai and Salish.

Audel explored bugs and snakes as a child and aspired to become the next David Attenborough.

Moreover, he was the first in his family to pursue a higher education beyond the school level.

Likewise, Audel studied zoology and chemistry at Washington University before dropping out midway.

Bored with traditional teaching methods, the teen left his studies to seek adventure in the Amazon.

Similarly, Audel set out on a journey to Ecuador with a bag of rice and a heart full of dreams.

During his travels, he encountered the settlement of indigenous Quechua people.

Additionally, Audel spent over eight months with the tribe, learning their way of life and habits.

Meanwhile, his experiences earned him a scholarship to the University of Hawaii, where Audel completed his botany degree.

Hazen Audel with tribe of Papua New Guinea
Audel has a deep respect for tribal people. (Source: Instagram)

Determined to improve the educational system, Audel also worked as a teacher at a local school.

Further, he started documenting his summer adventures to inspire his students.

Apart from such works, Audel founded an ecotourism company to help fund the tribal settlements.

To add to his Wikipedia, the work of Hazen Audel was recognized by National Geographic.

Moreover, the company sponsored his six-part TV series, Survive the Tribe, in 2014.

To date, Hazen Audel has completed five seasons of Primal Survivor as an achievement for his Wikipedia.

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Survival Expert Audel Reacts To Disney Jungle Movie

Survival expert Hazen Audel analyzes the adventure scene of Jungle Cruise.

Released in 2021, Jungle Cruise is based on the Walt Disney theme park ride, with Dwayne Johnson in the lead role.

Further, Johnson portrays the role of Captain Frank Wolf, who explores the Amazone in search of the Tree of Life.

Moreover, the film’s reviewers had mixed opinions, but the studio renewed it for a sequel.

Audel analyzed several scenes from the film as the news about part two of the story is yet to be updated.

In a recent video interview with Insider, Audel focused on depicting different animals.

Hazen Audel in jungle survival
Audel is a survival expert with vast experience. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, the survival expert rated the scenes fairly realistic, giving it seven out of ten.

Meanwhile, Audel is getting ready for the premiere of his safari in Africa on November 22.

In the latest work, the explorer braves the elements in the legendary Great Rift Valley.

Similarly, Audel revealed that planning the particular travel was a two-year process.

Furthermore, the wilderness explorer added,

There’s so much more of Africa that needs tons of attention, but we kind of went to the most obvious first

Audel has continued to amaze viewers as he aims to show the diverse environment of our planet.

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