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Hinton Battle Wife Donna Marie Asbury: Her Reaction To His Death

While the world grieves the loss of a remarkable talent on Broadway, many rush to find details about Hinton Battle including information about his wife. Who was his partner? Let’s explore the details.

Born on November 29, 1956, Hinton Battle was a German-born American actor, singer, dancer, and dance instructor. 

He was an extraordinary talent in the industry with three Tony Awards, all in the category of Featured Actor in a Musical. 

Further, Hinton was the first person to portray the Scarecrow in the stage version of The Wiz.

His talents became apparent at the age of nine which was honed with hard work and dedication.

Moreover, Hinton leaves behind a legacy that will be followed by young individuals with a love for Broadway.

As the news of his demise makes headlines, many want to learn about the family of Hinton Battle including his wife.

Hinton Battle Wife Donna Marie Asbury: Her Reaction To His Death

The wife of Hinton Battle came into prominence following his untimely death at the age of 68.

According to reports, Hinton Battle was married to accomplished actress and singer, Donna Marie Asbury.

Moreover, the pair shared a cherished bond which was completed after welcoming two children.

Hinton Battle for a magazine photoshoot
Hinton was a significant performer on Broadway. (Source: Instagram)

However, further details about their relationship are not available to the public as the dancer liked to maintain a secret life.

Further, Hinton Battle rarely talked about his family including his wife and even his socials only feature work-related content.

Shortly after his demise, many looked forward to an official statement from Hinton’s family.

Despite the public’s anticipation, his closest companions have not provided information on his death.

However, the work of Hinton Battle clearly hinted at the immense support he received from his wife and children.

In regards to their silence, fans hope that the Hinton family dares to go through difficult times.

Hinton Battle putting his hands on head
Hinton’s friend announced his untimely demise. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, the dancer left an immeasurable impact on the modern Broadway scene, and people will always remember him for his contribution.

Now, Hinton’s admirers from around the world send heartfelt condolences and messages to his wife.

Likewise, we hope she finds the courage to come forward and talk about her husband’s demise with the public.

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Looking Back At Hinton Battle’s Life: A Legacy To Be Remembered

Over his decades-long career, Hinton Battle achieved and cherished several notable milestones.

Hinton has appeared in 15 films and television programs including Quantum Leap, Dreamgirls, and Touched by an Angel. 

Further, his significant roles feature numerous musical episodes with the most popular ones being The Tap Dance Kid, Dancin’, and Miss Saigon.

Hinton Battle doing a split
Hinton started his career at a young age. (Source: Instagram)

As a choreographer, Hinton has overseen many rising artists and performers in the entertainment industry.

Along with that, he was one of the major personalities who created the promos for the Warner Brothers commercial for Coca-Cola.

Hinton’s contributions don’t end there; he served as an Associate Choreographer at the 65th and 66th Annual Academy Awards.

Apart from his works on Broadway, Hinton joined as the co-director for Evil Dead The Musical.

Likewise, he worked to bring the untold stories of the man who created jazz in the United States on stage.

Such experience in dance pushed him to co-found a talent foundation, HBDA in Tokyo, Japan.

Hinton with Ben Vereen
Many celebrities have sent their condolences to Hinton’s family. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, the NAACP Image Awards and Tony Awards celebrated Hinton’s contribution to the craft.

His friend Debbie Allen announced his death through social media, shocking the industry.

Moreover, Hinton’s creative talent had dedication have left a lasting effect on his audience and young people.

His works on and behind the screens of several productions will be a cherished entity for the future.

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