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[SPOILER] How Did Chuuya Become A Vampire? BSD Chapter 98 Mystery Solved

The manga series is set to unravel another mystery, but meanwhile, netizens are wondering how Chuuya became a vampire in the manga.

Chuuya Nakahara is a 22-year-old mafia boss from Port Mafia who possesses the power to alter gravity.

He is modeled after Nakahara Chuuya, a real-life Japanese author, and he hates betrayal in general.

Chuuya particularly opposes treachery from his old partner ever since Osamu Dazai deserted the Port Mafia and joined the Armed Detective Agency.

Further, Chuuya has a fiery attitude and frequently picks fights, yet when necessary, he can also be composed and perceptive.

While his capability of controlling gravity For the Tainted Sorrow is captivating, fans are puzzled about how Chuuya ended up a vampire.

How Did Chuuya Become A Vampire?

The manga claims that Chuuya turned into a vampire after being bit by a vampire that had been affected by Bram Stoker’s power.

He was on a mission in Europe when he came across a vampire who was more powerful than him and managed to catch him off guard.

Furthermore, the vampire bit his neck and injected him with poison, turning him into a vampire.

Moreover, he later discovered the vampire was his former ally from the Port Mafia, who had been transformed by someone else.

People are wondering how did Chuuya become a vampire
Chuuya has grey eyes and striking orange hair that frames his face. (Source: Instagram)

Some ideas exist regarding Chuuya’s origins as a vampire and his motivations.

Here are a few potential speculated conclusions:

First Scenario

Someone aware of Chuuya’s weakness for his friends or subordinates manipulated or blackmailed him.

This might be Fyodor Dostoyevsky, who killed Ace and then took the information on all the Port Mafia ability users.

Second Scenario

He became infected when Chuuya bit another person who possessed Bram Stoker’s abilities.

One in question might be Kuroiwa Shizuku, who works in the Port Mafia’s headquarters and has a crush on Chuuya.

Scenarios mentioned above may help fans understand how Chuuya becomes a vampire.

The mystery surrounding the transformation can be justified to a certain extent with these scenarios.

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BSD Chapter 98 Mystery Solved: The Details

The mystery surrounding Chapter 98 isn’t fully explored yet.

However, Chapter 98 delves into the origin of Bram Stoker’s ability, which triggers a vampire infection outbreak.

Bram Stoker, a vampire-like character in Bungo Stray Dogs, is based on the real-life author of Dracula.

Chuuya likes hats, fighting, booze, and music and dislikes Dazai. (Source: Instagram)

Further, with an infection-type ability, he can turn anyone he bites into a vampire.

Moreover, Stoker is part of the Five Deadly Omens, a group of powerful vampires against the Port Mafia.

The mystery is solved by the conclusion of Chapter 98. There is a revelation that Chuuya, who was bitten by a vampire infected with Bram Stoker’s ability, turns into a vampire himself.

The chapter introduces Kuroiwa Shizuku, a new character at the Port Mafia’s office, who has a crush on Chuuya.

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What Are The Weaknesses Of Chuuya As A Vampire?

As a vampire, Chuuya has some supernatural abilities. But it does have some drawbacks as well.

He is susceptible to sunlight, which can cause skin burns and weaken his abilities.

Chuuya must avoid direct sunlight for extended periods to avoid potential harm.

Furthermore, he fears Dazai, who can potentially undermine his abilities by touching him.

Moreover, Chuuya hates Dazai for betraying him and joining the Armed Detective Agency.

Chuuya Nakahara
Chuuya is a Taurus and hates betrayal, especially from his former partner, Osamu Dazai. (Source: Instagram)

The anger and stress that generates from this can hamper his performance.

He is reliant on blood for survival, requiring regular feeding on humans or animals.

Likewise, Chuuya has to avoid repeating blood consumption from the same vessel twice to avoid addiction.

He is prone to silver, which can harm his body and slow regeneration. Garlic, stakes, holy water, and other religious symbols also make him vulnerable.

Chuuya hides his condition by avoiding sunlight and using gravity to fight against vampires and protect his allies.

He remains loyal to the Port Mafia and his gang, Sheep, and aims to reverse his curse.

Chuuya also has a crush on Shizuku Kuroiwa, a human girl working at the Port Mafia’s office.

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