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Hunter Schafer Before And After: Has She Had A Bottom Surgery?

Hunter Schafer has always been very open about her life before and after her transition. Her surgery has made her able to find her true self.

Hunter Schafer is a famous actress and model who was born in the year 1998 on December 31st.

She was spotlighted after her debut in the HBO hit television series ‘Euphoria’ in 2019.

Hunter Schafer played the role of Jules Vaughn, a young transgender high school student, in this series.

Her portrayal of the naive and vulnerable teenager got her various nominations and awards.

Since then, she has appeared in many other famous shows like ‘The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.’

Despite her very successful acting career, many fans often like to discuss her personal life.

It is because Hunter Schafer is one of those people whose journey as a transgender female has been awe-inspiring before and after her fame.

Hunter Schafer Life Before And After Changing Gender

As a child, Hunter Schafer always thought that she was different from the rest of her friends and schoolmates.

Even though she was born biologically as a male, she knew that it was not who she identified as.

This is why she confidently began transitioning into her true self as she started growing up.

She had already made peace with her true identity before being confident enough to tell her parents about her secret.

Hunter Schafer after changing gender.
Hunter Schafer, after her transition, looks so beautiful and charming. (Source: Twitter)

Hunter Schafer opens up about her struggles during childhood when she could not accept her gender.

Hunter Schafer had amazing female friends who gave her makeup and clothes.

She would wear those clothes and makeup outside her home and clean up before meeting her parents.

Hunter Schafer Before
Hunter Schafer has always known she was a girl ever since she was young. (Source: Twitter)

However, it became easier for her after Hunter Schafer finally told her parents about her true identity.

It was only after she told her parents that she began transitioning into a girl.

She opened up that even after getting all the support from her parents, she still had a tough time before she fully let go of her old identity.

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Hunter Schafer’s Journey: Embracing Non-Binary Identity

The Internet was her true friend; she began learning more and more about the transgender community.

Finally, after many years of confusion and a long journey of self-discovery, Hunter Schafer went through a bottom surgery.

She decided to take the final step in her transition process at 18.

After she got the surgery, Hunter Schafer had to get into some hormone therapy before she was finally ready to identify as a trans female.

Hunter Schafer Before and after transition.
Hunter looks very happy to have gone through her transition. (Source: Twitter)

However, even after the bottom surgery, Hunter did not feel right to be put into a specific gender category.

She went on to call herself a non-binary individual, which made it easier for her to avoid labels.

However, her recent interviews reveal that she now identifies as a transgender female.

Her life has now become more straightforward and more authentic.

Hunter Schafer has also said that the surgery helped her be clear about her identity.

Her journey is a big inspiration to every young transgender kid to live a life they want to.

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