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Ian Ousley Wikipedia, Race: Is Avatar Live Action Sokka White?

With the release of the official trailer for Avatar Live Action, the lead actors take the spotlight again. Now, fans look into the Wikipedia of the characters, including Ian Ousley, whose ethnicity remains one of the biggest concerns.

Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action is an upcoming American adventure fantasy series. 

The story follows a war-torn world inspired by the Asian and Indigenous American cultures, where people possess the power to control natural elements.

Further, Aang is the lead character in the series who can bend all four elements of the world.

Another major part is played by Sokka, portrayed by Ian Ousley, who is a close companion to Aang.

Since the live-action announcement, Ousley has been making headlines regarding his ethnicity.

For the same reasons, the search for the Wikipedia of Ian Ousley continues to increase as the release date of the series inches close.

Ian Ousley Wikipedia, Race: Is Avatar Live Action Sokka Actor White?

Despite his popularity, Ian Ousley lacks a Wikipedia page, further piqued fans’ interest.

The queries about the ethnicity of Ousley came after he landed the role of Sokka in the latest Avatar live-action.

Born on March 28, 2022, in College Station, Texas, Ousley comes from a Christian family.

Regarding his race, Ian Ousley belongs to a white caucasian background as he holds an American nationality.

Ian Ousley putting hands on his head
Ousley has mastered higher forms of martial arts. (Source: Instagram)

Looking back at his early life, he was always interested in acting, modeling, and martial arts.

Further, Ousley excelled at taekwondo and even competed at the national level for five years, amassing several titles and trophies.

By the age of 14, the actor had established himself as a number one champion in combat weapon sparing.

Moreover, his supportive mother, Suzanne Wyatt Ousley, pushed Ousley to pursue a career in acting as well.

Fortunately, a talent scout discovered his potential and offered an opportunity to train with an acting coach from Los Angeles.

Ian Ousley during a photoshoot.
Ousley started his career at an early age. (Source: Instagram)

Soon after graduating, Ousley relocated from his hometown to explore areas of the entertainment industry.

Soon, his hard work paid off as he was offered a significant role in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

Ousley’s performance has improved with projects including Sorry For Your Loss, Young Sheldon, and Big Shot.

As his reputation grows, fans hope to get an official Wikipedia for Ian Ousley soon.

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Controversy Over Ian Ousley’s Ethnic Background: Accusation Over Fake Heritage

Shortly after the casting release for Avatar live-action, Ian Ousley was accused of lying about his heritage to land the role.

According to his agent, Ian Ousley was listed as a member of the Cherokee tribe, which was unverified due to lack of Wikipedia.

However, a Twitter user debunked these claims, stating that Ousley’s name is not present in tribal documents.

Ian Ousley as Sokka.
Fans demanded a recasting of Sokka’s character. (Source: Instagram)

Further, they reviewed data related to the Eastern Band, United Keetoowah Band, and Cherokee Nation.

Moreover, users proved that Ousley’s claims about being a native member were lies.

Such controversy sparked significant debates in the Avatar community as fans demanded a recasting.

Additionally, a white person playing the role of an indigenous person disheartened several fans.

Ousley faced backlash for his actions but remained silent throughout the challenge.

Sokka in Avatar live action series.
Ousley is brimming with excitement to play one of his favorite characters. (Source: Instagram)

Later, people began commenting on the appearance of the young actor, which greatly affected his mental health.

Despite much discussion and criticism, Netflix did not take any action against Ousley and his agent.

Now, the Avatar live-action, set for release on February 22, 2024, will consist of eight episodes.

Reports revealed that each episode cost over $15 million, deeming it a high-production series.

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