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Ice Spice Religion: She Worship Devil! Super Bowl Controversy

Ice Spice is in a big controversy surrounding her religion after her appearance at the 2024 Super Bowl; while her fans are defending her, others are speculating if she worships the devil. Let’s explore.

Among many celebrities who attended the 2024 Super Bowl, Ice Spice grabbed much attention.

She had come with her famous pop star friend Taylor Swift to attend the big NFL game.

It seemed like Ice Spice had a lot of fun cheering for her favorite team from her VIP seat in the stadium.

However, some gestures and her style statement for the Super Bowl may have created controversy.

Many netizens are questioning the religion of Ice Spice and wondering if she worships the devil and is into Satanism.

Ice Spice Religion Under Scrutiny: Controversy Surrounds Upside-Down Cross Necklace

The speculation about her religion began after netizens pointed out that Ice Spice was wearing an upside-down cross on her neck.

People often deem the upside-down cross as a symbol of worshipping the devil.

This is not the first time a celebrity has gotten into controversy because of a particular selection of jewelry.

Ice Spice drinking beer in Super Bowl
Fans suggest Ice Spice could have worn the cross to match her outfit. (Source: Twitter)

Previously famous women like Chelsea Clinton and Melinda Gates were also scrutinized for wearing an upside-down cross.

However, many fans have come to her defense, saying that no proof suggests that an upside-down cross symbolizes Satanism.

According to them, the idea of an inverted cross representing devil worship is very new and not accurate.

Some even point out that in Catholicism, the upside-down cross is known as the cross of St. Peter.

Despite all of the assumptions, there is no actual proof that Ice Spice worships the devil or that her religion is Satanism.

However, people also believe that even though the cross that she was wearing does not represent Satanism, her hand symbols say otherwise.

Ice Spice with Taylor Swift
Ice Spice was having a lot of fun with friends Taylor and Blake Lively. (Source: Twitter)

According to them, Ice Spice was making demonic hand gestures at various points in the game.

She made devil horns from her fingers when cameras pointed at her.

However, the ‘devil Horn’ is just another cool thing people love doing to show their excitement.

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Ice Spice’s Balenciaga Outfit Adds Fuel To Conspiracy Theories: Does She Worship The Devil?

The Balenciaga outfit that Ice Spice wore also did not help the assumptions about her religion.

Many conspiracy theories online like to associate Balenciaga with satanism.

However, there is no proof of these claims, and people often do not take them seriously.

Fans of Ice Spice also call the conspiracy very childish and point out how assuming someone else’s religion is not okay.

Ice Spice on red carpet
Ice Spice has a very unique sense of fashion, and her fans love her for it. (Source: Twitter)

We will only know what religion Ice Spice follows after she talks about it.

On the other hand, the concerns from the netizens about whether they should follow someone who believes in the idea of Satanism are valid.

This is why most artists and celebrities do not believe in indulging or promoting their religion among their fans.

Meanwhile, Ice Spice has not made any statements about this controversy yet.

She is one of those celebrities who believe in keeping it quiet until the controversy fades.

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