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Internet Historian Controversy, Drama After HBomberguy Video

Following a recent controversy, the Internet Historian faces several questions from his viewers, putting his whole career under the spotlight. Learn more about the YouTuber further in the article.

The New Zealand YouTube star Anthony McCormack, popularly known as Internet Historian, has provided insightful videos.

His content ranges from commentary on films, books, and comics, and he has been a notable individual.

Further, McCormack’s engaging content has garnered a diverse following and viewers.

He has earned over 4 million subscribers and over 442 million views on his informational videos.

However, recent allegations by a fellow YouTuber have put the Internet Historian in a tight spot.

As the claims make headlines, people want to know the real truth behind the Internet Historian controversy.

Internet Historian Controversy And Drama Hype After HBomberguy Video

The work of Internet Historian has come under question after a recent video by YouTuber HBomberguy.

Harris Michael Brewis, better known as HBomberguy, is a British content creator and a Twitch streamer.

Further, he produces video essays on various topics such as film, television, and video games.

Hbomberguy controversy with Internet Historian
Internet Historian plagiarized his YouTube content. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, the content of HBomberguy also incorporates the arguments from left-wing political and economic positions.

Similarly, he also creates videos aimed at debunking conspiracy theories and responding to right-wing.

Recently, HBomberguy released an almost 4 hours video, Plagiarism and You(Tube), which was about plagiarism that is all over the internet.

Additionally, he exposed fellow YouTuber Internet Historian’s sensational Man in Cave documentary.

Further, the documentary explored the details of American explorer Floyd Collins, who gets trapped in caves.

HBomberguy revealed that YouTube had taken down the iconic documentary video.

Similarly, Pro Sportority, an Israeli company, filed a copyright claim.

In his engaging video, HBomberguy alleged that Internet Historian had stolen content from Mental Floss.

Internet Historian controversy video
HBomberguy exposed the creator for his past activities. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, the original content, The 1925 Cave Rescue That Captivated the Nation, was written by Lucas Reilly.

Despite copyright claims, users have re-uploaded the Man in Cave numerous times on the platform.

Speaking on the plagiarism, HBomberguy added,

Right now he looks like a plagiarist and a liar and a coward who’s willing to ruin his own video

As the controversy takes over the discourse, Internet Historian is yet to release his official statement.

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Fans React To Controversy: Is The YouTuber Losing Subscribers?

Netizens have gotten into an intense discussion about HBomberguy’s revelation and controversy surrounding Internet Historian.

While some believe that Internet Historian deserve to be canceled, others have announced their love for the creator.

Further, many have noted the need to cite and adapt articles appropriately while creating history-related documentaries.

Tweet for Internet Historian controversy
Fans claim that their support for Internet Historian is permanent. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, netizens question the morality of the YouTuber as he earned millions for Man In Cave.

The documentary took away money and recognition from the true author of the original writer.

On the other hand, some Internet Historian’s fans quickly sent hateful comments to HBomberguy.

There seems to be a division among users siding with their favorites.

Meanwhile, Inter Historian is not likely to lose a considerable number of subscribers for controversial reasons.

Moreover, despite such claims, many of his viewers have claimed they will support the creator.

Hbomberguy tweet
Fans are divided between their favorites. (Source: Twitter)

As for the background detail, Internet Historian rose to fame after making a documentary about 4Chan users raiding GameStop in 2017.

Since then, he has created numerous videos about world and pop culture events.

Some of Internet Historian’s popular videos are The Fall of 76, The Failure of Dashcon, The Great iPhone Massacre, and The Cost of Concordia.

Aside from his main channel, the YouTuber also has a second page titled Internet Historian: Incognito Mode.

Further, he posts behind-the-scenes videos and Q&A content through the channel.

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