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Is Abby Phillips Leaving CNN? Official News Or A Rumor

Abby Phillips has achieved great success, especially during her time on CNN. However, news is circulating that Abby Phillips is leaving CNN after seven years of working with it. Is it true? Let’s explore.

Abby Phillips was born in Virginia on November 25, 1988.

She rose to fame after her work at CNN which has made her extremely famous among many people across the country.

Her coverage of the Trump administration still stands out because of its captivating and insightful details.

In her earlier days at CNN, she hosted shows like Inside Politics Sunday and CNN NewsNight with Abby Phillip.

However, recently, rumors have surfaced that Abby Phillips is leaving CNN. Here, some say that it’s a misunderstanding, while others believe that there might be some truth to it.

Is Abby Phillips Leaving CNN? CNN Achievements, Debates, And Departure Rumors

Before working with CNN, Abby Phillips worked for other popular news companies like The Washington Post and ABC News.

Meanwhile, her achievements at CNN have been remarkable and inspiring.

Abby Phillips CNN
Abby Phillips is great at reporting, and it was visible during the 2020 elections. (Source: Instagram)

Abby Phillips was responsible for CNN’s Democratic Presidential Debate in Iowa.

Her reporting in the presidential debate in the year 2020 is still very much talked about.

Not only that but during the 2020 elections, Abby was the first reporter on CNN who predict the win of now-President Joe Biden.

Due to her remarkable work in the media industry, Abby Phillips received the Women of Power Award.

After receiving the award, she was also one of many other inspiring women featured in the Time 100 Next.

Abby phillips leaving CNN
Many are happy that their favorite host Abby Phillips is not leaving CNN. (Source: Instagram)

Now, coming back to the rumors about whether Abby Phillips is leaving CNN, it has come to light that the rumors are most likely to be false.

Abby Phillips is still a very active employee at CNN and will continue to host her famous show, CNN NewsNight with Abby Phillip, which airs at 10:00 PM on weekdays.

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Abby Phillips Confirmed As Permanent CNN Host Amidst Lineup Changes

The confirmation about Abby Phillips not leaving CNN came after the recent prime-time lineup was put on the internet by CNN itself.

In fact, this new lineup has made it clear that Abby Phillips is now a permanent host for the news company.

The confusion about whether Abby Phillips is leaving CNN came after specific changes were made in the time slots of various other shows.

Moreover, along with Abby, another CNN host, Laura Coates’s lineup also had some changes.

Abby Phillips
Abby Phillips has shown that she deserves her position on CNN. (Source: Instagram)

Laura Coates, also the chief legal analyst for CNN, will now anchor the 11:00 PM slot on weekdays.

These changes came after another CNN host, Don Lemon, left the company in April.

Since Don Lemon was black, he was also among those employees who represented people from various diversities.

After his departure, Abby Phillips and Laura Coates were likely promoted to balance the diversity in CNN’s workforce.

It seems that this was quite an important decision made by the company.

This is because the decision will reflect the diverse work environment of the company, and it will also result in a great reputation.

In this day and age, most people support companies that support inclusivity.

Nonetheless, this promotion and change in the lineup will create great future success for CNN.

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