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Is Anna Frey Related To Brock Purdy? Family Check

Anna Frey, a high school girl, is recently getting the spotlight due to her facial resemblance with Brock Purdy, causing curiosity among people if they are related.

Moreover, this energetic girl in Utah has amazed many people with the title Ms. Tennis.

On the other hand, Brock Purdy is an American football quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League.

Both Anna and Brock are renowned personalities. Brock is the national football player, while Anna has played many tennis tournaments nationally.

Although both are from different gaming fields, many search for Anna and Brock together.

People are curious whether both fantastic players, Anna Frey and Brock Purdy, are related or if it’s just a coincidence.

Is Anna Frey Related To Brock Purdy? Everything Explained!

Anna Frey captured most people’s attention due to her recent TikTok video.

In the video, people did not take long to notice her resemblances with Brock Purdy.

Not only in the TikTok video, you can see the matching facial qualities if you compare the photo of both of them smiling.

Anna Frey and Brock Purdy looking like they are related
Anna and Brock’s smiling photo can confuse anybody, making us think they are related.

Due to the similar facial expressions, the concern about their familial connections is increasing. However, the answer is a big no.

Anna Frey and Brock Purdy are not related to each other, even though they both look somewhat similar.

Anna is a high school girl with a passion for tennis and is just in the process of becoming a national player. On the other hand, Brock is a well-settled National Football player.

Moreover, the last names of Anna and Brock are also different and belong to different locations.

Thus, upon deep research into Anna and Frank’s biography, it is clear that the resemblance is just a coincidence as neither has any ancestral similarities.

So, the answer to ‘Is Anna Frey related to Brock Purdy?’ is simply no, they are not.

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Anna Frey And Brock Purdy: Exploring The Families!

When you closely examine the family, you will find that Anna and Brock belong to different families.

Anna Frank’s family, including her father, Tanner Frey, and Mother, Jennie Frey, live in Utah, where Anna is one of her five siblings.

As Anna’s mother is a social media enthusiast and is active on Instagram, you can find the maximum details of her family through her Instagram posts.

Anna's family photo
Anna is the second child of the Frey family. (Source: Instagram)

Focusing on siblings, Anna has two brothers and two sisters. One of her brothers’ names is Charles Frey, and her sister’s name is Jane Frey.

However, additional details about the other two children’s names and ages are unclear.

The Instagram post of Anna’s mother also reveals that one of Anna’s sisters is facing congenital heart disease. This means that the family has enough strength and resilience.

On the other hand, Brock’s family details are evident as he is one of the most popular football players nationally.

The family of this Quarterback sensation includes five members: Brock’s father, mother, and three children, including Brock. All of Brock’s siblings have a deep passion for playing.

Brock with his father and mother
Brock was born to be a football player, following his father’s passion.

Brock’s elder sister, Whitney Purdy, has a good knowledge of playing Collegiate Softball.

Meanwhile, Brock’s younger brother is following in his footsteps and becoming a football player.

Brock’s father, Shawn Purdy, is also an athlete, whereas his mother, Carrie Purdy, is a successful housewife contributing to Brock’s football journey for decades.

Thus, comparing the family tree of Anna Frey and Brock Purdy, it’s crystal clear that they are unrelated.

What’s related is only the facial expressions and their passion as players.

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