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Is Bridget Ziegler Gay? Controversy After Her Three-Way Sexual Relationship

After gaining popularity, an American politician, Bridget Ziegler is being claimed as Gay by many people after her three-way sexual relationship. Let’s find out more about this topic.

Bridget Ziegler is an American politician originally from Schaumburg, Illinois.

Currently, she is on the school board for Sarasota County, Florida.

Moreover, the politician is also a conservative education activist and a co-founder of Moms for Liberty.

Importantly, the public eye moved toward Bridget after the news of a three-way sexual relationship.

Moreover, her husband Christian Ziegler was accused of planned sexual assault against a woman with whom they had planned a three-way sexual encounter.

Nevertheless, most people are claiming that Bridget Ziegler is gay but is it true? Let’s find out.

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Who is Bridget Ziegler? Early Life and Education

Bridget Anne Ziegler was born on July 23, 1982, in Schaumburg, Illinois, US. 

Then, her parents raised her in Wheaton and then in Michigan as the youngest of three children.

Further, the politician attended Florida International University in Miami.

However, she left school to continue her job in sales and then department manager at Gucci in Bal Harbour, Florida.

Bridget Ziegler's image at Urfer Family Park
The victim accused Bridget Ziegler’s husband of rape and sexual assault. (Source: Facebook)

Later, she visited her retired parents in Sarasota in the fall of 2010 and ended up staying there.

At that place, she started working at ADP and then rose through different insurance companies for the next 10 years.

After this, in the year 2014, she entered into the political world following her husband’s suggestion.

Nevertheless, after the controversies of her threesome, the rumor about Bridget Ziegler being gay started which destroyed her respect and positive fame at once.

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Is Bridget Ziegler Gay? Husband and Assault

Bridget Ziegler has not declared herself gay but many people are accusing her. 

Beginning with her love life, she migrated to Sarasota, Florida, in 2010 where she met Christian Ziegler.

After their meeting, they dated each other which ended with a marriage.

Fortunately, the pair have three children but their names are unknown.

Sad to say that a woman accused her husband Christian Ziegler of rape and sexual assault in October 2023.

Therefore, the victim filed a report related to the incident that took place across the country on November 30, 2023.

Bridget Ziegler wearing pink t-shirt with her slogan
Bridget Ziegler and Christian are well-recognized as a Republican power couple. (Source: Facebook)

The woman was a purported member of a threesome that included both Bridget and her husband.

Furthermore, when asked, the politician admitted to the sexual relationship involving her husband and the alleged victim over a year ago.

Moreover, after this incident, the protestors spread rumors over the country that Bridget Ziegler is gay.

Furthermore, her husband has not yet been charged with any crimes, but the investigation is ongoing.

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Bridget Ziegler’s Career: Profession

Talking about her political career, Bridget Ziegler was formerly the chair of the Sarasota County School Board but remains a member.

Further, she is a member of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District overseeing Disney World infrastructure.

Talking about her political journey, she stepped into politics in 2014 as suggested by her husband Christian Ziegler.

Therefore, it is the time when Then-governor Rick Scott appointed Bridget to the open position for the Sarasota School Board in June.

Luckily, she won a four-year term later that year.

Then, she spent the next seven years as one of the few conservatives on the board.

Bridget Ziegler with Speaker Pro Tempore Paul Renner
People started spreading rumors that Bridget Ziegler is gay after her threesome controversy. (Source: Facebook)

After that, the politician attended other frustrated conservative school board members in 2015 to form the Florida Coalition of School Board Members.

Moreover, the politician was serving as the director of school board programs for The Leadership Institute.

After her three-way sexual relationship controversy, the Sarasota School Board approved a ceremonial resolution calling for Bridget’s resignation.

Despite the resolution and many of public comments mostly criticizing her for hypocrisy, the politician did not indicate she planned to. 

Furthermore, people are claiming Bridget Ziegler is gay but the truth is she is a female biologically as well as emotionally.  

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