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Is Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Still Alive? Wife Anca Faur & 3 Kids

Even after over 50 years, the Apollo 11 mission remains one of humanity’s greatest achievements thanks to astronauts like Buzz Aldrin, whose whereabouts are often a public concern. So, is Buzz Aldrin alive still alive in 2024?

Buzz Aldrin is an American former astronaut, engineer, and fighter pilot born on January 20, 1930.

On the Apollo 11 mission, he became the second person to walk on the Moon after his commander, Neil Armstrong.

Before his space expedition, Aldrin was commissioned into the US Air Force and served in the Korean War.

His mechanical engineering and astronautics degree helped him contribute to lunar explorations.

Furthermore, Aldrin has been crucial to several other projects, including the Gemini 12 program.

With such achievements, people love to check on the remarkable figure and keep details about his life.

Recently, many have questions about the well-being of Buzz Aldrin and wonder if the NASA member is still alive.

Is Apollo 11 Buzz Aldrin Still Alive? 2024 Updates

Over the years, Bizz Aldrin has been the victim of several news reports about his demise, which has worried his followers.

Further, such content garnered attention, making it a trending topic in a few hours.

Buzz Aldrin is alive and well and is satisfied in his 90s. Such news about his death are just baseless rumors.

Buzz Aldrin wearing a medal
Despite his age, Aldrin does not have any diseases. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, famous figures are prone to be wrapped in such rumors due to online users and their speculations.

Meanwhile, the rumors about the death of Aldrin might have arisen from previous incidents involving the astronaut.

After his Apollo 11 mission, Aldrin had a hard time adjusting back to Earth and sank deep into depression.

Additionally, he grieved the loss of his mother and had thoughts about ending his own life.

Along with that, Aldrin was part of a tourist group visiting the South Pole Station in Antarctica.

However, he fell ill due to the weather conditions and was immediately evacuated to New Zealand.

Buzz Aldrin holding a rocket model
Aldrin advocated for the exploration of Mars. (Source: Twitter)

Such events put his life in danger, making admirers worry about his well-being, as Aldrin was 86 at the time of the incident.

Regardless, he has not faced life-threatening accidents after his pole expedition and lives a happy life.

Recently, Buzz Aldrin celebrated his 94th birthday with his wife and children, proving that he is still alive.

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Buzz Aldrin’s Wife Anca Faur & 3 Kids: Marriage In His 90s

People were thrilled to witness Buzz Aldrin’s fourth marriage to his longtime love, Anca Faur, in January 2023.

The pair marked the ceremony in a private event that coincided with the astronaut’s 93rd birthday.

Further, Aldrin began dating Faur, with whom he shares a 30-year age gap, after crossing paths at a work event.

Buzz Aldrin on his wedding day
Aldrin shares a beautiful bond with his current wife. (Source: Twitter)

Looking at Faur’s life, she is a chemical engineer and acts as the executive vice president of Buzz Aldrin Ventures.

Moreover, Faur was a treasurer of the California Hydrogen Business Council for more than six years.

Apart from her professional life, she is a proud wife of the astronaut and constantly shows her support.

Previously, Aldrin married Joan Archer, and they had three children: James, Janice, and Andrew.

Further, they have accepted Faur into their family and consider her a close member.

As the only alive member of the Apollo 11 mission, Buzz Aldrin continues to take pride in his space exploration.

Buzz and his wife taking a selfie
Aldrin has served as a military officer for the country. (Source: Twitter)

Furthermore, photographers captured him alongside his wife in the mission’s exhibition at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in California.

The installation provides a 360-degree virtual reality experience featuring Aldrin’s uniform.

Despite his growing age, Aldrin has looked good in the public sphere, inspiring the younger generation.

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