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Is Charles Cosby Still Alive? Griselda Blanco rumor black husband!

The question of whether Charles Cosby is still alive has been going around after statements of him being the boyfriend of Griselda Blanco emerged online. Let’s find out his whereabouts further in this article!

Charles Cosby has taken the spotlight for his relationship with the late Black Widow or the Cocaine Godmother, Griselda Blanco.

Hailing from Columbia, Griselda Blanco was a notable name in organized crime between the 1970s and early 2000s.

Further, she had been arrested several times for connection to the manufacture, import, and distribution of cocaine.

Blanco was later assassinated in Medellin after being shot twice by unidentified gunmen on a motorcycle.

Given her reach in the underworld, she has been featured in multiple documentaries, series, and films.

However, people wonder if Griselda Blanco’s rumored black husband, Charles Cosby, is still alive.

Is Charles Cosby Still Alive? Griselda Blanco Rumored Black Husband!

Griselda Blanco’s fame pushed her personal life to the spotlight, with many raising questions about her romantic link, Charles Cosby.

People wondered if Charles Cosby was still alive as he preferred maintaining a low-key life.

Nevertheless, Charles Cosby is still alive and well and lives as a successful author, entrepreneur, and real estate investor.

Further, Cosby ended his association with Blanco after she tried to have him killed for cheating.

Charles Cosby with bands of money
Cosby’s unstable upbringing led him to the drug trade. (Source: Twitter)

Shortly after, he strayed away from the underworld and maintained a private life in his hometown.

After the Black Widow’s death, Cosby visited her grave in Columbia to pay his respects.

Many speculated about their wedding during their active years as the pair seemed inseparable.

Despite their close bonding, Cosby revealed that he had never married Blanco, giving many a peek into their notorious relationship.

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Who Is Charles Cosby? A Peek At His Early Life

Charles Cosby, a native of California, came from a background of illegal activities and crimes.

The now-56-year-old former drug dealer went down the wrong path as a teenager.

With his parents’s divorce at a young age, Cosby faced several challenges in a financially unstable family.

Charles Cosby with Grisela Blanco in prison
Cosby wanted to rule the organized crimes. (Source: Facebook)

Further, he turned to selling drugs as the only way to support himself during this difficult time.

Charles Cosby revealed that his life would’ve changed if his parents were still alive.

Apart from that, much information about his early life is not available to the public as he refrains from sharing details.

However, Cosby recently came forward with a brief insider about his connection with Griselda Blanco.

Further, to build his empire, he formed a romantic link with the Cocaine Godmother, who was 20 years his senior.

Cosby also considered her an inspiration and often visited her in prison by bribing the guards.

Soon, they recognized him as Blanco’s partner in the underworld endeavors that she operated while still behind bars.

However, Cosby’s dangerous and illegal lifestyle eventually caught up to him and led to numerous legal troubles.

Charles Cosby hugging his girlfriend
Cosby often visited his girlfriend in prison. (Source: Facebook)

Additionally, authorities caught him in 1997 on charges of drug-related offenses and sentenced him to 14 years in prison.

After his release in early 2004, Charles Cosby promised to turn his life around and worked hard to live a stable life.

Likewise, he published a book, Hustling with the Godmother, where he presented the raw stories of his time with Blanco.

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Charles Cosby’s Relationship With Cocaine Godmother

The connection between Griselda Blanco and Charles Cosby was nothing short of an action-packed movie.

After falling for her charm and power in the drug world, Cosby wanted to rule the underworld with Blanco.

However, the relationship wasn’t always easygoing as the cocaine godmother was known for killing her partners.

With the wish to stay alive, Charles Cosby started wearing bulletproof vests while visiting Blanco in jail.

Blanco touching Cosby's face
Cosby acted as Blanco’s right-hand man for several years. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, he used to bribe the guards to spend more time with the drug lord in the prison’s storage facility.

Despite their initial bonding, the pair couldn’t last long as Blanco got news about Cosby’s cheating.

Now, Cosby claims that the Netflix series Griselda has done an excellent job bringing the story to the screen.

The show has become a massive hit since its debut, garnering top ratings on streaming platforms.

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