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Is Dana Bash Jewish? Religion And Ethnicity Of CNN Anchor

Apart from her news coverage, Dana Bash is also famous for her outspokenness, especially for the rights of Jews, which led netizens to wonder whether Dana Bash is Jewish.

Dana Bash is a famous American political news reporter and journalist who was born in the year 1971 on June 15.

She has worked for the popular news broadcast channel CNN for a very long time as the company’s chief congressional Correspondent.

In the year 2021, she took the job of co-hosting CNN’s Sunday morning show State of The Union.

Later that same year, she also became the solo anchor for Inside Politics.

Dana Bash, after making such accomplishments in her career, has her own set of fans, and one thing that they want to know is if Dana Bash is Jewish.

Is Dana Bash Jewish? Holocaust History Of Her Family

Dana Bash is often seen advocating for the Jewish community and against the antisemitism in America.

Moreover, her advocacy comes from her very deep-rooted connection with Judaism.

Dana Bash selfie
Dana Bash loves sharing her daily life updates through her social media. (Source: Instagram)

Yes! Dana Bash is from the Jewish community and has a family full of Jewish history.

Moreover, Dana’s parents, Frances Schwartz and Stuart Schwartz, have played a huge role in instilling a Jewish identity in her.

She shares that her parents have always been vocal about how important the Jewish culture and religion are to them.

Further, she grew up seeing the pride her parents held for belonging to a Jewish community.

However, she was very sad when she began learning about the sad history that still follows the Jewish history.

Is Dana Bash Jewish
Dana Bash is one of the most beloved employees of the CNN news company. (Source: Instagram)

Her own family was a part of that history and was hugely impacted by it.

Dana’s grandmother from her mother’s side, Teri Vidor Weinman, has a very heartbreaking story of her own.

Teri and her family were Hungarian Jews, and they somehow managed to escape the United States in 1941, just before the Holocaust.

Sadly, her father, mother, and sisters could not escape and were tragically part of Auschwitz.

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Dana Bash’s Efforts Against Antisemitism & Fostering Cultural Pride

This knowledge of her family history drew Dana Bash to participate in the advocacy against antisemitism.

Being a public persona herself and having a platform to influence many, she likes to use them for the awareness of Jewish rights.

Her most significant work in spreading awareness was through a special program on CNN, Rising Hate: Antisemitism in America.

This was a one-hour special program on the news channel, and she was a host of it.

This show covered many recent antisemitic acts and incidents against Jewish people in America.

Not only that, the show also sheds light on daily discrimination against Jews and the differences they face in workplaces and colleges.

Dana bash book
Dana has also received much praise for her writing skills. (Source: Instagram)

Apart from this one-hour special show on CNN, Dana Bash has also written an essay for the CNN website, which is also about rising hatred against Jewish people.

Further, in the essay, she especially recalls a moment involving her son.

Her son one day asked her if he could wear the Star of David necklace in public, a necklace that symbolizes Jewish identity.

Meanwhile, Dana Bash, being very aware of the hate that is there against the Jewish community, was hesitant about it.

It was only after a lot of time had come to pass she truly got the meaning of embracing one’s culture and ethnicity.

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