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Is Special Counsel David Weiss Jewish? Trend After Indictment

David Weiss was the United States Attorney for the United States District Court for the District of Delaware and is now the prosecutor for the Hunter Biden case. Is David Weiss Jewish?

David Charles Weiss is a well-known American attorney who was born in the year 1956.

He is currently the one looking after the Hunter Biden case who was appointed in 2018, on February 22, by President Donald Trump.

After Donald Trump’s departure from office, David continued working for the department under Joe Biden.

David Weiss has always had a reputation for staying low-key; however, the current ongoing Hunter Biden case has put his name all over the Internet.

The rising curiosity towards David Weiss has also made many people wonder if he is Jewish by ethnicity.

David Weiss & His Longtime Involvement In Hunter Biden Case: Unraveling The Legal Complexity

For a long time now, David Weiss has been a part of the Hunter Biden case, the son of President Joe Biden.

Recently, he was appointed as the special counsel for the Hunter Biden case by US Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Is David Weiss Jewish
The Hunter Biden case is taking turns and is raising curiosity among many. (Source: Twitter)

It came after a federal judge rejected where Hunter Biden would accept the dark started and firearm ownership accusations as well as being addicted to drugs.

Even though the whole Hunter Biden case is just trending on the Internet, David Weiss has been overlooking the case for four years now since 2019.

However, in the initial phase, the case was more about the alleged tax violations and money laundering regarding Hunter’s foreign business dealings.

Joe Biden son
Joe Biden’s son Hunter seems like he is in the deep waters. (Source: Twitter)

There is much speculation about Hunter’s business dealings with people worldwide, including in China.

David Wise has much experience handling big and important cases in Delaware.

Delaware is the same place where President Joe Biden and his family come from.

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Is David Weiss Jewish? Prosecutor In Anne Marie Fahey Case

Among many of David Wise’s famous cases, one that stands out is the case of Anne Marie Fahey.

Anne Marie Fahey was the secretary of Delaware’s governor and went missing in the year 1996.

David Weiss helped get the federal authorities involved in this case.

Due to his contributions and hard work, the legal department was able to convict Delaware’s former deputy attorney general.

Many people are wondering if he is the right person to overlook the case of Hunter Biden, especially because he has a long political history with the family of President Joe Biden.

David Weiss
Let’s hope that David Weiss handles Hunter Biden’s case without bias. (Source: Twitter)

However, most of his colleagues describe him as a very independent-minded prosecutor.

They do not believe that there will be any mishandling of this case by David Weiss.

There is no information available on the Internet about the ethnicity of David Weiss.

There are speculations that David Weiss is Jewish, but we cannot confirm it.

Despite his ethnicity, David Weiss has made a big name in the legal world.

It will be interesting to see how the Hunter Biden case turns out and how David Weiss will handle all the proceedings.

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