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Is The Racist Officer Derek Chauvin Dead? George Floyd Killer

After a fatal stabbing at the federal prison, Officer Derek Chauvin raised questions among people about his state, as many wonder if he is dead.

Derek Michale Chauvin is an American former police officer who murdered George Floyd in Minnesota.

Chauvin was a member of the Minneapolis Police Department from 2001 to 2020.

In his career, official records documented 18 complaints against Chauvin, and he had hands in three police shootings.

Further, he has received two reprimand letters for misconduct, which ended in discipline.

After such acts, authorities held Chauvin accountable for kneeling on Floyd’s neck for about nine minutes.

Following the death of Floyd, they put the officer on trial and later in prison.

As reports of fatal stabbing surface, many wonder if Officer Derek Chauvin is dead or alive.

Is The Racist Officer Derek Chauvin Dead? George Floyd Killer

Many users online circulated the news that Officer Derek Chauvin is dead after a stabbing incident in federal prison.

The office of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison confirmed that an inmate stabbed Chauvin.

However, Officer Derek Chauvin is not dead as he reached a stable condition.

Derek Chauvin recent
Chauvin had to receive treatments after a stab. (Source: Twitter)

Further, updates on the wounded convicted killer and ex-cop were provided to various media outlets.

Meanwhile, the US Prison Bureau stated that the team immediately hospitalized Chauvin following the assault.

Moreover, reports claimed that a cell inmate injured Chauvin at 12:30 local time on Friday.

Likewise, the agency performed life-saving measures to contain the incident.

Despite excessive reporting of the matter, the prisoner who attacked Chauvin has not been named.

Fortunately, nobody else in the federal prison was injured in the scuffle.

Derek Chauvin officer
Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for nine minutes. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, Ellison, who oversaw the prosecution of the police officer, condemned the attack.

Additionally, he stated in a press release,

Chauvin was duly convicted of his crimes and should be able to serve his sentence without fear of retaliation or violence

As soon as the news hit the mainstream media, people online quickly gave their views.

Even before official reports, claims of Derek Chauvin being dead circulated on different platforms.

On the other hand, Chauvin’s family had to rely on news accounts for updates as prison officials refused to share details.

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Chauvin Appeals For A Fair Trial: George Floyd Murder Aftermath

The news of the stabbing came days after Derek Chauvin attended court with an appeal for a fair trial.

After choking George Floyd, authorities charged Chauvin with unintentional second-degree murder and manslaughter.

Moreover, the court sentenced the police officer to 22.5 years in prison with the possibility of supervised release after 15 years.

However, Chauvin appeared before a panel of three judges in Minnesota Court.

Further, the police officer argued that the judge in his 2021 state trial made multiple errors.

Derek Chauvin recent trial
The court denied Chauvin’s recent request. (Source: Facebook)

In addition, Chauvin claimed that the jury abused their discretion, including a request to move the trial.

Similarly, his attorney argued that the convict was denied a fair trial.

Despite being involved in a serious crime, Chauvin stated that one cannot convict an on-duty police officer of his crimes.

Likewise, he argued that officers can use force while they arrest a resisting suspect.

However, Chauvin detained Floyd after a store clerk alleged that he purchased cigarettes with a counterfeit bill.

Additionally, he was not resisting as Floyd showed signs of anxiety.

Meanwhile, despite Floyd’s claims of being uncomfortable, Chauvin continued to kneel on his neck.

The action resulted in Floyd’s death, and the autopsy reports ruled his death as a homicide.

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