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Devon Werkheiser Married Lindsey Shaw?! Wife, Pregnant Rumors

Following a recent Instagram post from Devon Werkheiser captioned Little Ned Coming 2024, fans worldwide are concerned and confused about his married life and partner. 

Devon Joseph Werkheiser is an accomplished American personality recognized for his presence both on-screen and in music.

Born on March 8, 1991, he initially rose to fame with his iconic role of Ned Bigby in Nickelodeon’s beloved sitcom, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.

He is also famous for portraying Nolan Byrd in the Nickelodeon TV movie Shredderman Rules.

Apart from his acting career, he has also left a mark as Peter Parkers in the ABC Family series Greek.

With a career spanning over various roles, Devon has captivated audiences worldwide with his versatile performances.

Moreover, as Devon Wrekheiser continues to entertain the audience with his diverse skills, a significant concern among his fans has turned out to be his married life.

Did Devon Werkheiser Marry Lindsey Shaw?

Celebrities often make headlines not just for their achievements but also for their personal life and relationships.

Similarly, at this very moment, the American actor Devon Werkheiser is widely talked about regarding his married life and family.

Devon and Lindsey captured in the bathroom.
Devon and Lindsey are nothing more than friends. (Source: Instagram)

So, let’s clear everything out about Devon’s personal life and current relationship status.

Despite the transparency of Devon’s career in the entertainment industry, Devon likes to keep his personal life away from the spotlight.

Likewise, he has never disclosed any public information about his current relationship partner.

Despite the undisclosed nature of Devon Werkheiser relationship, many consider his co-actor Lindsey Shaw his partner.

Meanwhile, these speculations from people have further created confusion among their fans and followers.

However, at the moment, Devon Werkheiser and Lindsey don’t share a married relationship and are friends instead.

Although their past relationship, as of now, they have long moved on and are currently focused on their career.

Moreover, based on the information it is pretty clear that the relationship status of Devon is single.

Nevertheless, it is important to go through credible sources of information before believing the useless rumors.

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Debunking The Rumors Of Lindsey Shaw’s Pregnancy

Recently, pregnancy rumors surrounding Lindsey Shaw have also started to circulate online. 

These rumors first appeared after an Instagram story from Devon captioned “Little Ned coming 2024.”

Following these rumors, many debates related to Devon’s relationship and partner started to rise on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

Devon Werkheiser and Lindsey Shaw captured side by side.
Devon and Lindsey are not expecting any child and it’s just a rumor. (Source: The Sun US)

However, despite the announcement, as of now, it is unclear whether the announcement is true or not.

Meanwhile, Lindsey has already addressed those rumors, stating them to be false.

Despite her complete dismissal, many sources still circulate information about her pregnancy and married relationship with Devon Werkheiser.

However, all these sources lack credibility and are busy spreading baseless rumors instead of looking for official information.

Moreover, we request everyone to stop spreading such unwanted rumors and let Lindsey and Devon do their thing.

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Details On Devon And Lindsey’s Past Relationship

The relationship between Devon and Lindsey is quite complicated due to their past connection.

Devon and Lindsey shared a romantic partnership for a couple of years while filming Ned’s Classified School Survival Guide.

Devon and Lindsey captured on the stage.
Devon and Lindsey have had a short relationship in the past. (Source: Instagram)

The couple initially started dating in 2007 during the last few months of filming the show.

However, the relationship didn’t last long, as they decided to part ways in 2009 after more than two years of togetherness.

Despite their break up a long time back, some people still speculate they are still a happy couple.

Meanwhile, these speculations further caught fire after the pregnancy rumors of Lindsey came out in 2024.

Although the speculations are based on outdated information, the couple has already addressed the public regarding their break up.

Moreover, as of 2024, Lindsey and Devon Werkheiser don’t share a married relationship and are happily maintaining a friendship bond.

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