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Is Gypsy Rose Related To Her Husband? Relationship With Ryan

Following the release of the e-book of Gypsy Rose, many have shown interest in her married life and husband, and a major question among the people is whether they are related. So, let’s explore.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is a well-known figure in the American literary landscape and an activist.

She came into the limelight after her conviction for second-degree murder for the death of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard.

Following the incident, she was sentenced to prison for ten years, and her story was also adapted into a series titled The Act (2019).

However, she was released on parole after serving eight years in prison in December 2023.

Meanwhile, her current work as an advocate for victims of factitious disorder imposed on another has gained her widespread attention.

Moreover, with her vision of helping others, Gypsy has also appeared in numerous media promoting her advocacy.

However, in recent times, people have shifted their attention toward her relationship with her husband, Ryan.

This has further led to different speculations, as many think Gypsy Rose is related to her husband Ryan.

So, let’s find out the truth and explore the common threads between Gypsy Rose and her husband.

Is Gypsy Rose Related To Her Husband Ryan?

In the current digital era, with an increase in the popularity of an individual, rumors about them also begin to circulate online.

Similarly, at the moment, the author, Gypsy Rose, has turned out to be a primary target of these rumors as many consider her related to her husband.

According to the ongoing rumors on Redditt and TikTok, Gypsy Rose’s husband is her half-brother.

However, due to the lack of credibility to the claims, Gypsy Rose is not related to her husband, Ryan, except for a marital relationship.

Gypsy Rose and her husband standing side by side.
Gypsy Rose and her husband are not blood relatives. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, the rumors have been around for a long time, but neither the couple nor any credible sources have mentioned anything about their relationship.

Although they share a similar facial structure, they have no bloodline connection.

Further, many online users have also stated Ryan Anderson as her brother from another father.

These statements on social media platforms have led to numerous debates.

Some consider the news valid, whereas others believe it false due to the lack of proper evidence to back the statement.

On the contrary, there is no evidence to support the argument that Gypsy Rose and her husband are related to one another. 

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More About Gypsy Rose And Her Family

Gypsy Rose was born on July 27, 1991, to Claudine Blanchard and Rod Blanchard in Golden Meadow, Louisiana, U.S.

Growing up, Gypsy struggled to keep a good relationship with her mother due to her abusive nature.

Her mother accused her of having various mental problems, which were later revealed as false.

Meanwhile, Gypsy never had any biological siblings but has two half-siblings from her father’s second marriage to Kristy Blanchard.

Gypsy captured with her sister.
Gypsy Rose and her half-sister share a lovely relationship. (Source: Instagram)

Among the two of her siblings, Mia is the eldest one, born on June 26, 2001, whereas Gypsy has never disclosed information about her other sibling.

Gypsy shares a healthy bond with her sister Mia, and has appeared together numerous times.

Furthermore, Gypsy’s father, Rod, is married to Kristy Blanchard and shares two lovely daughters from their relationship.

As of 2024, Gypsy released her e-book Released: Conversations on The Eve of Freedom.

She has also appeared in interviews with prestigious television networks, including the CBS.

Similarly, on January 5, 2024, Lifetime TV network released a six-part docu-series entitled The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, presenting her story worldwide.

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