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Is Jack Wright Gay Or Bi? Gender And Sexuality Rumors

Jack Wright and his twin brother James caught the attention of many after they started posting silly, upbeat dance videos on the TikTok app. And recently, people have been wondering if Jack Wright is gay or bisexual.

Born on March 29, 2003, Jack Wright is a very popular TikTok content creator.

Jack’s popularity skyrocketed after he and his brother became a part of the famous ‘Hype House.’

Jack currently has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, 129k subscribers on YouTube, and 6.8 million TikTok followers.

The teen, however, is in talks right now about his sexuality, as many think that he is attracted to the same sex.

Dancing With Stereotypes: Why Do Fans Think Jack Wright Is Gay?

The rumors about this sexuality began after Jack started posting videos showing dance moves with very different body language.

The fans saw resemblances between his dance moves and those typically associated with the female dancers.

Since then, the rumor of Jack Wright being gay has spread like wildfire.

Jack Wright Insta
Many people think that his dance moves do not contain female body language. (Source: Instagram)

But the TikToker himself has not come forward with any statements supporting or disproving the rumors.

Meanwhile, his brother, James Wright, is an openly gay individual and is in a relationship with a fellow TikTok star, Lachlan Viney.

Since James has been so public about his sexual orientation, it is unlikely that Jack is hiding his sexuality due to his conservative family.

However, Jack is still just a teen and at such a vulnerable age when people start to explore themselves.

So, even if Jack Wright is gay and likes guys, it’s his choice to decide the right time for him to come out.

It is also important to note that dancers usually have a very different body language than other people.

Is Jack Wright Gay
Jack Wright has such amazing looks and is so charming. (Source: Instagram)

Many famous male dancers often have very sophisticated and feminine body language.

This does not prove anything about his sexuality or choices in his love life.

A dance step or movement should not be characterized by different genders.

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The Past Relationships: Why Love Life Of Jack Contradicts Gay Rumors

Among his own unwillingness to come forward about his sexuality and gender, one other reason that contradicts the gay rumors is his past relationship history.

There were speculations about Jack dating another social media biggie, Sienna Mae Gomez.

Their alleged relationship was extremely famous and loved by many.

However, after some time, the rumors about them parting ways also made waves.

Jack was also allegedly in a relationship with another TikTok creator, Lauren Kettering.

Lauren and Jack were spending a lot of time together, which left the netizens speculating.

Wright Jack
Jack has his fair share of rumors, but none of them have been given clarification by the TikToker. (Source: Instagram)

Lauren was initially dating another hype house member, Chase Hudson.

The fans loved the duo so much that they gave them a ship named ‘Austin and Ally.

What we know now is that Jack has always been linked with females and not males.

So, most of this hints that Jack Wright is less likely to be gay, or it could also mean that he can be bisexual.

Maybe he does not feel comfortable opening up about his bisexuality.

But again, we are not one to judge and speculate about something so sensitive, like someone’s sexuality or gender.

It would be amazing for his male and female fans if he turns out to have a liking for both genders.

Only Jack Wright can confirm whether he is gay, bisexual, or straight, and fans can’t wait.

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