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Is The Political Scientist John Mearsheimer Jewish? Religion

The ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine has been raising concerns. John Mearsheimer says that he does not support Israel’s actions in Gaza, and after the statement, many are wondering if he is Jewish or not.

John Joseph Mearsheimer is an American political scientist who was born in the year 1947 on December 14th.

He is the one behind the famous Theory of Offensive Realism.

Another statement that became popular was his prediction about China growing into a big and powerful country that would eventually result in conflict with the United States.

Many people admire him for his impressive take on the relationships between powerful countries.

These days, his name is a trending topic because of his statements on the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine.

This has led many people to wonder if John Mearsheimer is Jewish.

Is John Mearsheimer Jewish? Speaks Out Against Israel’s Actions in Gaza Conflict

The answer to his ethnicity is that John Mearsheimer is indeed Jewish.

However, his recent statements appear as if he does not support Israel’s ongoing actions in Gaza.

We all know that the war between Israel and Palestine does not seem to stop. Almost 1% of the Palestinian population is dead.

John Mearsheimer
John Mearsheimer is urging the president to take a thought-out action to stop Israel. (Source: Twitter)

The military campaign by Israel has been going on and on for the past 10 weeks.

Not only armies but innocent civilians, including many women and children, are suffering from the war.

Out of all the people, John Mearsheimer remains someone whose views on this particular matter are deemed important, and it is because of his Jewish ethnicity.

Many people thought that John Mearsheimer would support Israel as a Jewish person.

However, he believes that the current actions of Israel go beyond self-defense.

is John Mearsheimer jewish
As a political scientist, John does not believe in supporting anything based on relations or connections. (Source: Twitter)

He describes Israel’s actions as a ‘punishment campaign’ targeting the normal people living in Gaza.

According to him, Israel appears to be forcing Palestinians out of Gaza.

He sees that Israel has a choice to make between segregation or forcing an ethnic cleansing.

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John Mearsheimer: Israel’s Gaza Campaign Resembles Ethnic Cleansing

John Mearsheimer suggests that the ongoing campaign in Gaza makes it seem like Israel is leaning more toward ethnic cleansing.

Ethnic cleansing can often be described as trying to remove a particular ethnicity or racial group.

John Mearsheimer also strongly points out the lack of necessary actions from other powerful international countries to stop Israel’s campaign.

John Mearsheimer wikipedia
John Mearsheimer is a personality that some people admire, and some criticize. (Source: Twitter)

According to him, this is because of the big influence of the Israel lobby.

Israel lobby is a group formed of pro-Israel people that is known for influencing US Foreign policies.

Another thing that he adds is that President Joe Biden of America is acting relatively quiet in the whole situation.

He believes that his silence is also another result of the influence of the Israeli lobby.

Being Jewish himself, John Mearsheimer adds that people from all around the world should be unacceptable of Israel’s campaign toward Gaza.

He asks for a strong response from the powerful countries worldwide to stop what is happening in Gaza.

He also urges people from all over the world to pressure their governments to take action.

After this statement, some people support John, while others heavily criticize him.

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