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Is Kirara Trans? JJK Characters Gender And Sexuality

With the rise of the fandom of Jujutsu Kaisen, Kirara Hoshi, one character mentioned in chapter 154 that has been circulating in the minds of every fan with questions about its sexuality. So is Kirara trans? Let us dive into the reality of the character. 

Kirara Hoshi is one of the characters of the Jujutsu Kaisen world as mentioned in Chapter 154 by Panda.

The character opens up as Hakari Kinji’s partner, a third-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High currently suspended for authority clashes.

Further, Kirara dislikes Jujutsu High and disapproves of how their conservative members have treated him.

Kirara displays a high amount of cursed energy and employs an advanced technique comparable to Gojo Satoru’s Limitless.

Thus, the manga’s interpretation of Kirara’s appearance during the chapter’s outbreak confused fans about the character’s sexuality.

So the controversy surrounded the internet in a wide range, emphasizing Kirara being trans.

Is Kirara Trans? Unfolding The Gender And Sexuality JJK Character

As the manga of Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 154 enrolled, Kirara Hoshi is been in the highlights as fans are curious to know about the character in detail.

The character Kirara’s distinct nature prompts the internet to go wild in attempting to ascertain gender and sexuality.

So is Kirara Hoshi trans? This article clarifies it with spoiler alerts.

Kirara next to Hakari sharing a great bond.
Kirara came into a fight with Megumi and easily overwhelmed him. (Source: Twitter)

Kirara being assumed as trans stems from visualizing the character as female, while the manga interprets the character as male.

However, no official statements exist about Kirara Hoshi’s sexuality. Fans only know Kirara is close to Hakari without confirmation.

Meanwhile, the Jujutsu Kaisen manga depicts Hakari and Kirara as a couple, but the reality might differ.

Similarly, the discussion of Kirara’s sexuality and gender was brought up in chapter 154 of Jujutsu Kaisen as Panda and Megumi talked.

Megumi hadn’t ever heard of Kirara before and Panda randomly mentioned the character while talking.

Megumi associates Kirara’s name with femininity, but Panda clarifies that the third year in question is a boy.

As the chapter unfolded, fans were surprised due to confusion and speculation about Kirara being trans.

Kirara being annoyed with Panda and Megumi.
Kirara is also a suspended sorcerer from Jujustu High School. (Source: Twitter)

Hence, fans believe an interpretation error might exist, as the chapter didn’t use pronouns to define Kirara.

Eventually, Kirara’s gender and sexuality are a mystery until the further chapters mention the truth.

Besides, it is advisable not to further perpetuate the conclusion of Kirara being trans to avoid creating controversies.

Nevertheless, Kirara, a character of JJK, is the search of many fans due to its mysterious gender and sexuality traits.

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Everything About Kirara Hoshi From JJK

Kirara Hoshi is a third-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High but is currently away from school following Kinji Hakari’s suspension.

Further, Kirara helps him run the Gachinko Fight Club, which hosts hand-to-hand combat between sorcerers for money.

Kirara has studied at Jujutsu High for three years and possesses a high-level understanding of jujutsu.

Furthermore, the character possesses an immense amount of curse energy and actively employs a complex curse technique.

And, Chapter 156 of Jujutsu Kaisen mentions the technique as Love Rendezvous.

Kirara Hoshi and Hakari together discussing about the curse technique.
Kirara Hoshi is closely related to Hakari, a suspended sorcerer of Jujustu High School. (Source: Reddit)

Kirara’s Love Rendezvous technique includes five stars; Imai, Acrux, Mimosa, Ginan, and Gacrux which is the main strength.

Moreover, the character was able to continuously use the cursed technique to protect the monitor room of the Gachinko Fight Club.

Thus, Kirara was able to ultimately prevent Panda and Megumi from reaching the monitor room.

Eventually, Megumi was able to deduce Kirara’s cursed technique and eventually outwit Kirara.

However, the manga has not yet revealed additional information about Kirara Hoshi.

Nevertheless, Kirara garners recognition for actively showcasing fierce loyalty and companionship with Kinji Hakari.

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