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Is Michael Che Still On SNL? Leaving News After Comedy Special

Michael Che is among those comedians who only get better with each of his performances, but there are rumors that he is leaving SNL. However, fans still want him to be on it.

Michael Che Campbell is a famous American comedian who was born in the year 1983, May 19.

He is better known for his sketch on the NBC hit series ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Among his SNL sketches, one that stands out the most is his performance on the Weekend Update segment alongside co-host Colin Jost.

Michael and his co-host Colin have also hosted the prestigious 70th Primetime Emmy Awards in 2018.

Not only that, but he has also worked as a correspondent for ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.’

Throughout the years, Michael Che has created a strong fanbase, and they are often left wondering if he will still be on SNL.

Is Michael Che Still On SNL? A Comedy Of Misunderstandings Leaves Fans In Suspense

The fans of Michael Che are curious because he has been hinting for years about his departure from SNL.

However, he has also clarified that often, when he talks about leaving SNL, he is joking.

Michael Che
Michael Che has a unique way of doing his comedy sketches in SNL. (Source: Twitter)

During one of his surprise comedy sets in Minneapolis, Michael said it would be his last year on SNL.

It did not take long for the media to create headlines from his statement.

The news headlines made all his fans think he is seriously leaving the SNL.

However, Michael said it was a part of his comedy set, and he was not serious about leaving SNL.

Comedy or not, Michael Che leaving SNL has become a subject of curiosity among his fans.

The New York Times, being aware of his willingness to leave the show, asked him various questions about it in his interview.

Michael Che on red carpet
Michael Che has fans worldwide rooting for him in his journey as a comedian and performer. (Source: Twitter)

They asked whether he had any plans to leave SNL in the future.

In reply to the question, he said that his future in SNL is not as long as his past.

The statement implied that Michael Che is still going to be on SNL, but the end is coming soon.

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Michael Che Talks About Leaving SNL, But He’s Still Making Us Laugh in 2024 Sketch!

In his New York Times interview, Michael Che adds, “My head has been at leaving for the past five seasons.”

He has made it clear that he believes SNL is for younger audiences.

He thinks that after some time, there will be something more exciting to watch at the halfway mark of this show than he and his co-host Colin.

Is Michael Che still on SNL
Michael Che will never stop being funny; his humor is unmatchable. (Source: Twitter)

To further fuel the rumors, last year, Lorne Michaels, the boss of SNL, said there would be a potential change in the cast.

But he also said he does not want Michael Che to be a part of the possible change.

Lorne Michaels goes on to add that,

If I had my way he’d be here but I don’t always get my way.

However, it appears that Lorne Michael got his way in the end.

Michael Che appeared on the 2024 SNL sketch on January 28.

So, as of January 2024, Michael Che is still on SNL, making everyone laugh.

Fans loved his performance and can not wait to watch more of him.

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