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Is Nancy Kissinger Still Alive? Late Henry Kissinger Wife Age

The question of whether Nancy Kissinger is still alive has been floating around. This is after Henry Kissinger’s death at the age of 100. Let’s find out more about Nancy Kissinger.

Nancy Kissinger has been trending recently, given the unfortunate demise of her husband, Henry Alfred Kissinger.

Henry Alfred Kissinger, popularly known as Henry Kissinger, was a well-known American diplomat.

He passed away recently on November 29, 2023, having been 100 years old.

Henry Kissinger is said to have passed away in his home in Connecticut, where he lived alongside his wife, Nancy.

Given Henry Kissinger’s massive contribution to world peace efforts, he even received a Nobel Peace Prize.

However, what has caught people’s attention is whether Nancy Kissinger is still alive.

Is Nancy Kissinger Still Alive? Late Henry Kissinger Wife

Henry Kissinger had a part to play across various major political scenarios. This was what propelled him to strong popularity.

One of the major known ones is his part in brokering the end of the Vietnam War.

No wonder people from all over the world are sending condolences regarding his death.

Since he was 100 at the time of his passing, people are starting to wonder whether Nancy Kissinger is still alive.

Since Nancy Kissinger was the wife of a Nobel Prize winner, people wonder if she is still alive.
Nancy Kissinger used to work for Nelson Rockefeller, focusing on foreign policies. (Source: Twitter)

Although there is not much public information on Nancy Kissinger’s recent years, she is indeed still alive.

Nancy Kissinger is Henry’s second wife, whom she married back in 1974.

This marriage was 10 years after Henry’s separation from his first wife, Ann Fleischer, in 1964.

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Who Is Nancy Kissinger? A Peek At Her Early Life

Nancy Kissinger is an American philanthropist and the child of former football player Albert Maginnes.

Albert Maginnes, commonly known as Al Maginnes, played in NFL back in 1920.

He later turned his career towards becoming a lawyer and this is where Albert truly gained fame and money.

Given her father’s career graph, Nancy Kissinger herself was also born into wealth.

Nancy Kissinger smiling for a picture at an event
Nancy Kissinger made headlines after testifying at the trial involving the will of her late friend, Brooke Astor. (Source: Twitter)

She went on to conduct her Bachelor’s in History in 1955 from Mount Holyoke College.

After completing her Bachelor’s, Nancy went on to Harvard University for further education.

This indicates how distinctly smart and knowledgeable Nancy Kissinger herself must be.

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Nancy Kissinger And Henry Kissinger Relationship

Despite her strong background, Nancy Kissinger is known as the wife of Henry Kissinger.

Furthermore, her studies at Harvard are what paved her eventual path to Henry Kissinger.

Henry Kissinger was employed as a professor at Harvard at the time. This is where the two initially met.

Henry Kissinger took a major liking to Nancy Kissinger as he even referred her for her first employment.

Nancy and Henry Kissinger at Metropolitan opera opening at 2008
Nancy Kissinger was accused and acquitted of assault charges. (Source: Twitter)

Given his reference, Nancy Kissinger managed to be a longtime aide to New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller.

Before working for Nelson Rockefeller directly, she worked as Henry Kissinger’s researcher.

Eventually, she also became the director of international studies for Rockefeller’s Commission on Critical Choices for Americans.

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Nancy Kissinger’s Age And Family Life

Nancy Kissinger was born in New York City on April 13, 1934.

As of 2023, Nancy Kissinger is 89 years old. She completed most of her education in Massachusetts.

Both her bachelor’s and further education at Harvard were from the state of Massachusetts.

Despite being married to Henry Kissinger for over four decades, the couple chose not to have children.

This could also primarily be because Henry already had two children from his first marriage.

A twitter user sharing pictures of the Kissingers back from the early days
After the assault charges, Nancy Kissinger earned the nickname ‘Bruiser’ Nancy. (Source: Twitter)

The two children from Henry Kissinger’s first marriage were Elizabeth Kissinger and David Kissinger.

Their whereabouts are not public, but several news portals report that David Kissinger is still alive.

Furthermore, Henry Kissinger’s death has prompted the media and the public to search if Nancy Kissinger is still alive.

With Henry Kissinger living so long, it is not surprising that people would like to know if Nancy Kissinger is still alive, too.

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