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Is Raphael Rowe Still Alive? Story Of World’s Toughest Prisons Host

Netflix and BBC host Raphael Rowe has a sad story behind him that still haunts him. People are wondering where he is right now. Especially after the rumors of his death are spreading like wildfire. Is Raphael Rowe still alive?

Raphael Rowe is a former British journalist and presenter born in 1968.

His name might sound very familiar to you; he was in the news for being wrongfully convicted.

The journalist was wrapped around a murder and robbery case in which he was never involved.

After dealing with it for almost 12 years, Raphael and his co-defendants, Michael J. George Davis and Randolph Egbert Johnson, finally got out in July 2000.

The Consequences: Is Raphael Rowe Still Alive?

Raphael is in the news for his recent revelations about how he suffered during the twelve years of his wrongful conviction.

People are wondering if Raphael Rowe is still alive.

The answer is yes, Raphael Rowe is still alive and recently talked to the Daily Mail about his struggles.

is Rowe Raphael still alive?
It is heartbreaking to learn that Rowe lost 12 years of his life on a wrongful conviction. (Source: Instagram)

He opened up about being psychologically scared due to everything he had to go through in prison.

A man who had always been faithful to the law and never hurt anyone was made to sit together with dangerous murderers and rapists.

He lost 12 years of his life, and the wrongful convocation also hampered his relationship with his family and son.

He reveals that his son was just born when he was imprisoned, so when he got out, he was already 12.

IS rowe alive
Raphael is alive, and he is thriving better than ever. (Source: Instagram)

After being released in the year 2000, he was very saddened by the fact that his son did not want to meet him

He still thought that Raphael had committed the murder.

Rowe later had another son in 2004, two years after getting out of prison.

In 2018, he tweeted that he struggles to make his then 13-year-old son understand why everything happened.

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Raphael Rowe: The Story Of The World’s Toughest Prisons Host

In 1988, three men terrorized the M25 motorway with robberies and assaults.

They did not stop; later, a barber named Peter Hurburgh and his wife were brutally beaten and killed.

Sometimes, the justice system can fail, but Raphael inspires us. (Source: Instagram)

The police arrived at Rowe’s home and arrested him and two others.

There was no forensic or identification evidence to support that they conducted the crime.

According to the surviving victims, at least one of the three attackers was white, but all three people convicted by the police were black.

It was stated that many important pieces of evidence to support Rowe and the other two defendants were held back in the original trial.

The court and the police say that the pieces of evidence still do not prove that they are innocent.

Rowe completely disagrees and says that if that were the case, he should still be locked up in prison.

While it is unfortunate that he had to go through all those hard times and lost most of his youth in jail.

Raphael Rowe
Raphael is one strong person who teaches us to never give up. (Source: Instagram)

He is now a very successful journalist. Rowe hosts a popular Netflix series called World’s Toughest Prisons.

He adds his first-hand perspectives on the episodes where he meets the prisoners and sometimes shares his sad experiences.

Raphael Rowe has also worked for other big news companies like BBC.

Let’s hope the journalist has finally been able to mend his relationship with his family and children.

Even after such a tough phase, Raphael Rowe is still alive and stronger than ever.

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