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Why Is Robert Peston Dead Trending? Death Hoax Explained

An English Journalist, presenter, and author, Robert Peston, has been trending all over the internet because of the death hoax, and people across the internet are searching for an answer to the question: Is Robert Peston dead?

Born on April 25, 1960, Robert Peston is known as a political editor of ITV News and host of the Peston.

Starting his career as a business editor at BBC in 2006, he was promoted to economics editor in 2014, a position he held for 2 years.

Meanwhile, Robert’s popularity rose when he reported on the late 2000s financial crisis, especially with his exclusive information on the Northern Rock Crisis.

And now, he is the founder of the education charity Speakers of Schools.

He was also honored as a Fellow at Aberystwyth University for his outstanding work in journalism.

Nevertheless, rumors are common in any TV personality’s life, and Robert Peston is no exception.

However, the question is somewhat irrational and doubtful as people search if Robert Peston is dead. So, is it true?

Is Robert Peston Dead? The Hoax Explained

Robert Peston is not dead and is still doing fine. However, the news of his death has been circulating across the internet.

Some people even tweeted how sad they felt about Robert Peston’s death.

Moreover, there have been several hoaxes about his death online, but it turned out they were all false.

The most recent hoaxes about his death appeared on Facebook in 2022.

The post claimed he passed away from a heart attack. However, Robert quickly debunked this rumor through his social account.

Robert Peston giving the pose for his photoshoot
Robert is a founder of the education charity Speakers for Schools. (Source: Facebook)

He posted a message on Twitter stating that he was very much alive.

Moreover, his aliveness is evident on his social media account, where he has recently posted tweets.

Likewise, there is a plethora of research, but no single evidence has emerged to explain why the phrase “Is Robert Peston dead?” has circulated.

We can assume that some random people just posted it online to grab attention.

Some assumptions also include mistaken identity, clickbait, lack of media literacy, and morbid curiosity.

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Details On Robert Peston Family Amidst The Rumor

Robert Peston is the son of the late Helen Conroy and Maurice Harry Peston, Baron Peston.

His father was an economist and labor life peer. And as a son of Baron, Robert was also entitled to The Honorable.

As for his created family, Robert married Sian Busby, a British-Canadian writer, in 1990.

Robert wishing his step-daughter on her 18th birthday
Robert has won the Work Foundation’s Broadcast News Journalism Award. (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, she died in 2012 because of lung cancer. Even Robert has spoken openly about the grief of his loving wife.

Meanwhile, the couple has a son, Maximilian Peston, referred to as Max.

Likewise, he also shares a stepson with Busby. However, his name is unknown to date.

Currently, he is in a relationship with a dairy editor, Charlotte Edwardes, who works at The Evening Standard.

They have been together since 2015 and moved in together in 2018.

Adding to Robert’s family list, Edwardes, who is in a relationship with Robert, has three children from her previous marriage, whom Robert thinks are his own.

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Some Of The Recent Achievements Of The BBC Journalist

Although he is no longer with BBC, Robert Peston remains prominent in British Journalism.

He has successfully transitioned from BBC to become one of ITV’s most recognizable faces.

Covering major political stories like Brexit and COVID, he also hosts his show Peston.

He invites high-profile guests and engages in a lively debate on current affairs. Thanks to the content, the show has attracted several loyal audiences.

Robert Peston chatting with the legendary Kate Adie about The Crash at the Dorchester book festival
Robert has recently announced that he is taking a temporary break from writing books. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Robert has regularly participated in public speaking events and charity interviews.

He recently announced a temporary pause on writing books and engaging in new projects.

Furthermore, Robert Won the Work Foundation’s Broadcast News Journalist Award.

Moreover, his diverse endeavors highlight his dedication to his craft and passion for public service.

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