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Is Topher Grace a Scientologist? His Religious Beliefs

As most of That 70s Show casts turned out to be Scientologist, all eyes are on Topher Grace to know about his religious beliefs.

Christopher John Topher Grace was born in New York, USA, on July 12, 1978.

He gained fame for portraying Eric Forman in the popular sitcom That 70s Show.

Further, he made his film debut with Traffic in 2000, which won him the Young Hollywood Award for Breakthrough Performance.

Tropher’s other works include In Good Company, Predators, American Ultra, Spider-Man 3, and Black Klansman.

Currently, Topher is starring in the ABC comedy series Home Economics as Tom Hayworth.

With the recent events, Topher Grace has been trending on social media platforms, leaving fans wondering whether he is a Scientologist.

Is Topher Grace a Scientologist?

Topher Grace was once labeled an outsider on the set of That 70s Show. He rarely hung out with cast members after the cameras stopped rolling.

But after co-star Danny Masterson’s recent imprisonment, many say Topher was right to steer clear.

Danny has studied Scientology since childhood and has had a long history with the Church of Scientology, a network of interconnected corporate institutions and other groups.

These groups are dedicated to practicing and administering a twenty-first-century religion.

As a member of such a group, Danny encouraged other cast members to join in.

The cast members of That 70s Show posing for a photoshoot.
That 70s Show cast photoshoot(Source: Facebook)

Moreover, That 70s Show staff would throw Christmas parties as annual parties, when in reality, they were Scientology fundraisers.

Even recently, the cast members wrote letters to the judge, appealing Danny’s innocence. It turns out they were also members and followers of Scientology like Danny.

However, the only person from That 70s Show cast who didn’t write a letter in Danny’s support was Topher.

So, it is safe to assume that Topher Grace is not a Scientologist.

Even his wife, Ashley Hinshaw, has supported the victims of the Scientology church through social media.

Topher was wise to keep his distance and focus on his career rather than giving in to his peer’s footsteps.

Moreover, That 70s Show cast aren’t the only celebrities to follow Scientology.

Celebs like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, and Elisabeth Moss, among others, have been open about their involvement in Scientology.

Even the former Scientology member Leah Remini talked about Scientology,

I will always remind the public that in Scientology if you report another Scientologist, you are committing a crime

Additionally, religion has recently been a heated topic as many stars have pointed out misconduct and abuse swept under the rug by the Scientology church leaders.

Even though Topher is not associated with Scientology, people still wonder about his religious beliefs.

Topher Grace’s Religious Beliefs

Topher Grace is most likely to follow Christianity due to his family background.

He seems to have German-Jewish and Irish blood, although he doesn’t talk much about his cultural background.

Topher was certainly not among the Scientology followers, even though many speculations arose on the internet.

Moreover, he has always been laid-back and private, with his personal beliefs under wraps.

Topher Grace in a new movie Breakthrough where he plays the role of a local pastor
Topher plays a pastor in the movie Breakthrough.

Recently, Topher starred in a faith-based drama, Breakthrough, where he portrays a local pastor.

The film had Christian-focused emotions, which received mixed reviews from the viewers.

Topher also had a cameo appearance in That 90s Show, a spin-off of the iconic That 70s Show.

Despite questions about Topher’s character aging, it was exciting for fans to have him back on the screens.

People really enjoy the acting and delivery of Topher and eagerly wait for future projects.

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