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Is Usher And Alicia Keys Related? Family Tree Check

The Super Bowl performance of Usher and the surprising entry of Alicia Keys were great watches, but this collaboration has sparked some speculations about the duo, and fans are wondering if they are related.

Often, when artists collaborate, they create a lot of speculation among their fans.

Currently, singer Alicia Keys and Usher are the famous musical duo that has faced a lot of rumors regarding their relationship.

They first collaborated for the remix of Alicia Keys’s famous song I ain’t got you and then for the remix of Usher’s hit My Boo.

Their vocals, the way they look together, and their amazing chemistry are to die for.

Surprisingly, they have recently been all over the headlines for their smashing 2024 Super Bowl performance.

The performance has left many people wondering if there is any chance Usher and Alicia Keys are related.

Usher And Alicia Keys’ Musical Bond: Are They Related? Family Tree Check

The question about whether Usher and Alicia Keys are related arises because of how similar they appear to look sometimes.

Their bond on stage seems very effortless and extremely fun.

However, upon some research, there does not seem to be any proof suggesting Usher and Alicia Keys are related.

Singer Alicia keys and Usher
Singer Alicia Keys and Usher, when together, create such wonderful musical masterpieces. (Source: Twitter)

They do not share any similar backgrounds and have completely different childhoods.

Moreover, apart from their love for music and black African roots, the musical duo has little in common.

Usher comes from Chattanooga, Tennessee, and used to be a part of a church choir.

The traditions of the South highly influence his music.

Meanwhile, Usher’s immense talent in music led him to sign a record deal at just 14.

On the other hand, Alicia Keys was brought up in Hell’s Kitchen, New York.

Usher And Alicia Keys Superbowl
Usher And Alicia Keys on Superbowl had the audiences wanting for more. (Source: Twitter)

She had completely different musical influences in her earlier life.

Only when she was 12 years old did she start to write songs on her own.

While Usher’s music can be primarily categorized in the R&B genre, Alicia’s can be classified into R&B, jazz, and hip-hop.

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Usher And Alicia Keys’ Super Bowl Performance Spark Rumors Of Future Collaboration

It is incredible how the paths of Usher and Alicia Keys, who are not related by any means, intertwined in such an amazing way.

The vocals in their songs together sound extremely beautiful.

Their fans are often wondering why they did not collaborate on other projects.

Usher and Alicia Keys were in their prime around the same time; they could have released many more songs together.

However, the fans are now pleased after they came together to perform in the 2024 Super Bowl.

Their performance was very energetic, and they had great fun on stage.

Usher Alicia Keys Related
Usher And Alicia Keys are great friends behind the scenes and have many other common friends. (Source: Twitter)

Not only their fans but also Alicia’s husband, Swizz, was swept away by their Super Bowl collaboration.

After the performance, many of their fans took to Twitter, demanding more collaborations in the future.

There are rumors that their Super Bowl collaboration may be a promotional strategy for their upcoming song.

We have to wait to see if they come together again with another record.

If a song comes out, we may get to see more of them together in 2024.

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