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Isabelle Thomas Kids: Meet Poppy, Grace, Lucy And Charlie

Recently, every social media platform has been filled with condolences due to the sudden death of Isabelle Thomas, leaving a huge impact on her husband, kids, and friends.

Isabelle Thomas, born in 1985 in California, was the 39-year-old versatile personality and the wife of Bradley Thomas.

Bradley is the famous producer of the Oscar-nominated film Killers of the Flower Moon.

Isabelle graduated with a degree in Neuroscience from Oxford University.

After that, she showcased her versatility in various fields, such as presenter, consultant, and producer, in the entertainment industry.

Additionally, Isabelle had a great passion for storytelling and filmmaking.

Highlighting her passion, she produced documentaries on subjects like kindness and pickleball.

Unfortunately, Isabelle Thomas had a heartbreaking end, leaving behind her husband and four beautiful kids.

This has made every social media enthusiast surf the reason behind her death.

Meet Isabelle Thomas Kids: Poppy, Grace, Lucy, And Charlie

Isabelle Thomas was the mother of two amazing twin girls, whom she named Poppy and Grace.

Being a mother and a guardian of twin daughters was not easy. However, she played a significant role in their lives.

These twin kids were the source of happiness and immense joy for Isabelle Thomas and her husband, Bradley.

Isabelle Thomas happy
Isabelle Thomas was a versatile and talented individual full of life.

Meanwhile, Bradley Thomas was already married to actress Hillary Matthews.

This shows that Isabelle Thomas was his second wife and the stepmother of Bradley’s two kids.

Thus, Isabelle Thomas was a loving mother of four kids, a birth mother of Poppy and Grace, and a stepmother of Lucy and Charlie.

Although Lucy and Charlie were her stepkids, Isabelle never missed a chance to shower them with love and immense support.

However, the untimely death of Isabelle Thomas has brought deep sorrow to her family, especially her kids.

After Isabelle’s death, her relatives, friends, and well-wishers are together to provide love, support, and stability to the children who just lost their loving mother.

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What Happened To Isabelle Thomas? Reason Behind The Death

On the tragic night of January 29, 2024, Isabelle Thomas met a devastating end at the Hotel Angeleno in West Los Angeles.

After examining the dead body, The Los Angeles Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that Isabelle Thomas cause of the death was suicide.

They also revealed that Isabelle jumped from the high-floor balcony. She leaped from the roof and fell directly beside the swimming pool.

Isabelle with her husband
Isabelle’s husband, Bradley, is facing personal and professional consequences after her untimely death. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, the studies also suggest that devastating suicide resulted in several huge traumatic injuries to Isabelle.

When the hotel saw this heartbreaking incident first, they decided not to comment anything to the huge mass of media.

This resulted in several assumptions for the first few hours.

This also made people assume many incidents about the 2024 BAFTA Tea Party in Beverly Hills, where the couple arrived together a few weeks ago.

After Isabelle’s death, her husband, Bradley Thomas, is also going through personal and professional aftermath. This is indirectly affecting his successful career.

Talking about the reason behind the death, the actual motive is still unconfirmed.

Isabelle Thomas with her friend and kid
Isabelle’s friend, Jameela, expresses deep sorrow and regret for her loving friend.

Isabelle did not leave any suicide notes before jumping from the high balcony.

Not only her kids but the death of Isabelle Thomas has left a significant impact on everyone who loved her, including her friend Jameela Jamil.

Jameela posted on Instagram that she planned to meet Isabelle a few weeks ago but could not go due to her hectic schedule.

She also requests everyone not to take their loved ones for granted and call them before it’s too late to talk.

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