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Does Ishowspeed Have Breast Cancer? Health Update Of 18 Year Old YouTuber

Ishowspeed is known for his personality and captivating content and has a loyal following with his unique videos. But fans are longing to know if Ishowspeed breast cancer rumors are true or not.

Darren Jason Watkins Jr., known by his online moniker IShowSpeed, is an American YouTuber, rapper, and online streamer.

He was born on January 21, 2005 in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2016, Watkins started a YouTube channel and occasionally uploaded gaming videos.

Ishowspeed began broadcasting live and posting videos of video games like NBA 2K and Fortnite in 2017.

Further, he is famous for his livestreams of a variety of games. These games are mostly Roblox, Fortnite, FIFA, and Minecraft.

Ishowspeed experienced a significant increase in popularity between 2021 and 2022. This is in part due to the sharing of captivating videos from his live streams on social media.

Also, he received the Breakout Streamer of the Year award at the 12th Streamy Awards in 2022.

However, the hot topic in the town is around Ishowspeed’s health. His viewers are waiting to know if Ishowspeed has breast cancer.

Does Ishowspeed Have Breast Cancer? Health Update Of 18-Year-Old YouTuber

Ishowspeed has managed to garner attention around his health, given his history of health issues.

However, Ishowspeed breast cancer speculation is just a hoax.

Ishowspeed taking a selfie with Neymar
Ishowspeed’s younger brother has appeared a few times in his stream. However, his mother never appears on the screen.

October 2023 marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which focuses on spreading awareness and providing resources.

Ishowspeed is a part of sharing awareness about breast cancer. Further, Ishowspeed doesn’t have breast cancer.

Moreover, he was admitted to the hospital in late July 2023 due to a serious sinus infection. It caused his right eye to swell shut, and it gave him constant cluster headaches.

However, he has recovered and returned to streaming.

In addition, he received treatment on October 3, 2023, after an experiment involving elephant toothpaste failed.

So, as of now, Ishowspeed seems to be fine and has steady health as he continues his streaming journey.

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What Generated The Confusion Among Fans?

The health scare surrounding Ishowspeed surely startled his fans. However, the rumor about Ishowspeed breast cancer started circulating due to his recent video on YouTube.

His selection of a stream title, Last Stream til I Go (BREAST CANCER), led to a great deal of misunderstanding among spectators.

Ishowspeed breast cancer started spreading from this stream.
Ishowspeed is rumored to have a daughter, but it has not been confirmed.

The title, which may have been meant to be catchy or cryptic, ended up making a lot of people think he had breast cancer.

As spectators conjectured and voiced their worries to one another, this misunderstanding swiftly spread throughout the neighborhood.

He was talking about how his grandmother was rushed to the hospital, and it was scary. However, he also mentioned his grandma is doing fine at the moment.

Ishowspeed was showcasing a white t-shirt that read Lakota Plains Firebirds as he continued his stream. The t-shirt was to show his support for breast cancer awareness.

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Similar Antics And Controversy Related To Ishowspeed

Ishowspeed faced several controversial incidents in December 2021. He was banned from Twitch due to a sexist outburst on Adin Ross’ stream, leading to his suspension from other broadcasts.

In December 2021, he went on a misogynistic rant in the Valorant game, where his teammates criticized him.

In addition to his gaming content, Ishowspeed frequently streamed on Omegle, an online video chat platform.

He would mock people’s appearance and even threaten them, especially women. This became a running joke, with many women failing to see the humor in such threats.

Ishowspeed taking a picture with Ronaldo
Ishowspeed has coronary heart issues and autism that he has shared on social media platforms.

In celebration of Independence Day, Ishowspeed lit fireworks in his bedroom, choosing one in the shape of Pikachu.

The sparks filled the room, but the fireworks didn’t ignite, saving his family. The clip went viral, with many criticizing Ishowspeed for the reckless stunt.

During a crypto scam controversy, Ishowspeed’s sponsors showed off their game and cryptocurrency, promising it to become the world’s largest crypto coin.

However, the streamer’s community was not on board, as copypastas disregarded the idea.

Lastly, Ishowspeed was accused of racism after repeatedly yelling Konnichiwa at a Chinese man, who he thought was Japanese. The incident was on camera and went viral.

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