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Fans Rejoice Jack Doherty Getting Punched! Find Out Why?

A video clip of YouTuber Jack Doherty getting punched during a livestream has gained widespread attention in the past few days. So, let’s explore.

Jack Doherty is a 20-year-old American Youtuber famous for his wild yet controversial streams.

He is a prominent internet personality with a huge reach on platforms like YouTube and Kick.

With an influential personality combined with his pranks and exploration videos, Jack has captured the attention of worldwide audiences.

Meanwhile, some of his adventurous content has often led him to encounter law enforcement.

And as he continues engaging in such controversial stunts, a recent video of Jack Doherty getting punched by a fan has started circulating online.

So, let’s find out more about Jack and the truth behind the controversial video surfacing online.

Fans Rejoice Jack Doherty Getting Punched! Find Out Why?

Famous personalities often find themselves in controversial situations due to their broad online reach.

Similarly, at the moment, fans have shrouded the American YouTuber Jack Doherty following a clip where he gets punched, raising various debates online.

Jack Doherty, who has created a niche in social media with his streams, often finds himself entangled in controversies.

His past actions and statements have led him to various troubles.

Likewise, the latest clip involving him has gained numerous reactions following its online circulation.

Jack Doherty captured after being slapped.
A stranger hit Jack Doherty twice during a livestream.

The video initially surfaced on Twitter at the end of December 2024.

According to the viewers, the footage from his livestream showcased Jack Doherty getting punched by an individual following an argument.

The argument began after Jack’s bodyguard wore the T-shirt that offended a stranger, as shown in the video.

However, the argument soon escalated into a physical assault as the individual involved in the argument delivered a direct punch to his face.

Later, the individual returned and landed a second punch despite Jack’s security intervention.

Following the stranger’s action against Jack, the clip of the incident immediately made its way to the internet.

Moreover, the video continued to trend on social media platforms, including Twitter and Reddit, gaining numerous views in a certain amount of time.

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Reactions From The Fan Following The Clip Of Jack

As we already mentioned, Jack Doherty isn’t the most praised or popular figure in the online community.

Despite his widespread popularity, he still lacks proper support from his audience due to his controversial videos.

Likewise, as the video became viral on social media, online audiences started to share their views on the incident.

Jack captured in front of a car.
Jack’s fans and haters seemed pleased by the incident. (Source: Instagram)

Most audience members expressed their support and happiness regarding the incident.

However, the remaining ones were uncertain about the situation and decided to remain silent.

Meanwhile, among the supporters, one of the fans even wrote, 


Additionally, many other Twitter users also shared their thoughts and opinions on the incident, considering Jack’s past actions.

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Why Does The Social Media Audience Hate Jack?

Although Jack Doherty is just 20, he has already become one of the most criticized streamers on social media.

He has made significant records for his engagement in controversial actions and stunts.

One of his major controversial videos includes a doxxed video of Corinna Kopf released in October after he was denied entry to a Halloween party.

Jack Doherty captured with his girlfriend.
Jack Doherty is famous for his past controversial videos. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, in another crazy video, he drove a golf cart recklessly, which resulted in the hospitalization of his girlfriend.

Similarly, in the past, Jack has made a mess around his social media with his unsafe and unhealthy actions.

All his past actions and livestream statements combined have resulted in his involvement in various controversies at a young age.

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