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Is Rapper Jackboy Dead After Shot In Florida? Debunking Rumor

With rumors of violent shootings flying around, fans are in peril as they search for further information on rapper Jackboy to find out if he is dead.

Pierre Delince, known as Jackboy, is an American rapper who began pursuing music in his late teens.

He is signed to Kodak Black’s Sniper Gang label and has collaborated on multiple projects.

Further, Jackboy’s discography includes JackNDaBox, Lost In My Head, New Jack City, and Stick Up Kid.

Outside of music, the rapper has made the headlines for numerous legal troubles.

However, news has arrived that rapper Jackboy is dead after a fatal shooting. So, let’s find out the truth.

Is Rapper Jackboy Dead After The Shot In Florida Home? Debunking Rumor

Earlier on December 13, netizens made headlines that Jackboy was dead after a dangerous shooting in Florida.

Rumors claimed that the rapper was in a serious condition and was airlifted to the hospital in the morning.

Moreover, the shooting took place close to where the rapper and his family live.

However, investigations revealed that Jackboy’s brother was the one shot in the incident.

Jackboy smiling
Jackboy has been arrested several times in the past. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, initial confusion caused reports to suggest that someone had shot the rapper himself.

Fortunately, Jackboy did not sustain any injury, so it is safe to state that the rapper is not dead.

Moreover, right after the circulation of the reports, the singer took to Instagram Live to show he was fine.

On the other hand, in the targeted shooting spree, the suspect shot his brother multiple times.

Meanwhile, the suspect approached the sibling, whose details are undisclosed, in his driveway.

After committing the crime, the shooter left in a blue 2018 Kia Optima, as revealed by surveillance footage.

The suspect is still at large as police authorities have tightened security in the neighborhood.

In addition, the Port St. Lucie Police Department has been swift in conducting search activities.

Jackboy holding his necklace
Jackboy emerged unharmed from the recent accident. (Source: Instagram)

Despite such a murderous incident, the legal forces have emphasized that there is no immediate threat to the surrounding community.

Meanwhile, Jackboy has not released a statement on his brother’s condition.

Fans are hoping that the victim will make a full recovery after the deadly attack on the streets.

Additionally, they have sent warm wishes and support through platforms like Twitter.

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Rapper Jackboy’s Legal Cases: A Career Shrouded In Criminal Activities

The unfortunate rumor of Jackboy being dead adds to the rapper’s challenges this year.

A former artist, Lexxstasy, accused him of domestic violence and physical assault.

Further, the artist affiliated with the 1804 Records label revealed that Jackboy would beat her.

The rapper also sexually abused Lexxstasy and bruised her body until she could not move.

Moreover, she talked about Jackboy almost trying to kill her by choking her at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, the news came forward after Jackboy’s breakup with Lexxstasy as he threatened to break into her house.

Jackboy singing
Jackboy has released several mixtapes. (Source: Instagram)

Later, the artist got a restraining order against the American rapper.

Growing up on the streets, the lifestyle led Jackboy toward crime, and police arrested him at the age of 11.

Similarly, authorities sent him off to juvie, and he did not get out until he was 17.

But Jackboy did not stop there as he committed credit card fraud, aggravated battery, and armed robbery.

Even after releasing his first mixtape, authorities sent Jackboy back to prison for cyberstalking.

The 25-year-old has shifted his focus to music as he releases new projects.

Fans hope that Jackboy remains true to his craft and does not return to his old ways.

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