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Who Is Jackie Deangelis? Wikipedia Age, Husband CNBC Reporter

An accomplished Fox Business Network finance correspondent, Jackie Deangelis has made her way into the headlines as netizens have started seeking her Wikipedia page.

Jackie Deangelis is an American journalist, TV personality, and financial expert widely recognized for insightful reporting and engaging on-air presence.

She has also worked as the lead correspondent and a host on the CNBC network.

Furthermore, with a distinguished career, Jackie has emerged as a trusted voice in the complex world of finance.

Moreover, with the increasing number of followers of Jackie Deangelis, people have started wondering about her personal life and Wikipedia.

Jackie Deangelis Wikipedia: Early Life, Age And Education

Despite being an accomplished personality in her field, Wikipedia has yet to dedicate a page for Jackie Deangelis.

However, the following article will give you a deep insight into her life.

Jackie was born on August 18, 1974, in Newton, Massachusetts, to her parents, Louis Deangelis (father) and Elizabeth Deangelis (mother). She is currently 49 years old.

Growing up with her parents, Jackie was exposed to the complexity of finance and economics early.

Furthermore, her early curiosity related to finance later defined her career.

Jackie along with her passed away father hugging him.
Jackie Deangelis has been interested in finance and economics since her childhood. (Source: Instagram)

However, details about her formative years and family remain relatively private, as Jackie chooses to keep it a secret.

Moving forward, as for her academic achievements, Jackie pursued her higher education to equip herself with the skills necessary for a journalism career.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Cornwell University to build a strong foundation in communication.

Furthermore, keeping her goals in mind, she obtained a Master’s in Business Journalism from New York University.

This further solidified Jackie Deangeli’s expertise in the financial sector, which is notable on her Wikipedia page.

Furthermore, these educational experiences laid the groundwork for Jackie’s future success in the competitive field of financial reporting.

Nevertheless, the knowledge and insight gained during her early life and education continued to shape Jackie Deangelis’s ability, and now people are searching for her Wikipedia page.

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Jackie Deangelis’s Career, Husband, And Net Worth

Jackie Deangelis joined the CBNC in 2013 as a correspondent with an excellent academic background.

Contributing to various programs and showcasing her expertise in financial reporting, she quickly became a prominent figure.

Moreover, she hosted the show Future Now, where she provided insightful analysis and commentary on commodities trading.

This further solidified her reputation as a trusted voice in the complex world of finance.

Jackie in her show's set wearing a black dress.
Jackie Deangelis is one of the most versatile and prominent figures in financial journalism. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, after working at CBNC for a whopping 13 years, Jackie joined Fox Business Network in April 2019.

She covered many topics in Fox Network, including energy markets and geopolitical events.

Meanwhile, she currently serves as co-host of The Big Show every weekday alongside Taylor Riggs and Brian Brenberg.

Nevertheless, Jackie has been vocal and transparent in her professional pursuit, but details about her personal life have been a secret.

However, she is known to be married to a man named Reed Bergman and leads a happy life.

Regarding financial success, Jackie Deangelis has significantly impacted the media landscape, contributing to her net worth.

Jackie Deangelis posing with her dog in the bed.
Jackie Deangelis seems to be a dog mother from her social media posts. (Source: Instagram)

While specific details about her net worth are not publicly disclosed, her extensive career as a financial journalist suggests a considerable financial standing.

Her expertise has garnered professional recognition and potentially contributed to her financial stability.

Nevertheless, her ability to translate complex financial topics for a broad audience ensures her future progress in financial journalism.

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