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Jackson Hinkle Wikipedia: Is The Political Streamer Jewish?

The political streamer Jackson Hinkle has caught people’s attention as he has been vocal about his stands with the innocent civilians of Gaza. After his harsh criticism of Israel, netizens are searching for Jackson Hinkle Wikipedia.

Jackson Hinkle is a progressive political commentator, YouTuber, and political streamer.

Hinkle gained prominence through his YouTube channel, where he produced and shared content related to politics, social justice issues, and current events.

In addition to his YouTube content, he has hosted live streams and podcasts where he engages with his audience on political and social issues.

Likewise, he has actively supported the civilians of Gaza who has been the victim because of the ongoing Israel war.

Moreover, his harsh criticism of Israel has caught people’s eyes, making netizens curious about his life, including Jackson Hinkle Wikipedia.

Who Is Jackson Hinkle? Wikipedia Explored!

Despite being a Popular YouTuber and political streamer, Jackson Hinkle has no Wikipedia page yet.

However, his social media handles give us a peek into the life of the political streamer.

Jackson in front of Soviet SAU-100 tank
Hinkle’s commentary generally aligns with progressive and left-leaning ideologies. (Source: Instagram)

Jackson Hinkle is an influential American political commentator who hosts the nightly political talk show The Dive with Jackson Hinkle on YouTube.

According to the sources, he was born on June 7, 2001, in Los Angeles, United States.

But the political streamer has never mentioned his birthdate, so this is not confirmed yet.

Hinkle has mostly kept his life private, so only little is known about his early life.

Talking of his parents, Jackson’s father is Daniel Hinkle, and his mother is Jann Hinkle.

He has not revealed any details about his parents, so we don’t know about their profession and life.

Jackson With His Girlfriend
Jackson is dating Miss Universe Russian Anna Linnikova. (Source: Instagram)

Jackson also has two sisters named Hillary Hinkle and McKenna Marie Hinkle.

He did his schooling at San Clemente High School. Since his high school days, Hinkle has been actively involved in political activism.

Later, he interned as a water ambassador for The Water Effect at The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Moreover, his activism extends to his writing for Triton Times, where he provides factual information on current political affairs of local, national, and international issues.

As an expert in US foreign policy, he uses his voice to delve into the intricacies of US and European relations with powerful nations, notably China, Russia, and African nations.

Is The Political Streamer Jewish?

With the rise of the popularity of political streamer Jackson Hinkle, there is speculation circulating that he is Jewish.

Since Jackson Hinkle Wikipedia page is not available yet, people are having a hard time distinguishing his religious faiths and beliefs.

Jackson's twitter post on ongoing war
Jackson Hinkle is a progressive political commentator, YouTuber, and streamer. (Source: Instagram)

However, a Twitter account named @DeanChatt revealed that Hinkle has become an Orthodox Christian. Before that, he wasn’t even a Christian.

After this, netizens became more curious about the political streamer’s religion.

With his most recent video on Twitter, Jackson revealed that he is an orthodox Christian.

So, it is clear that Jackson Hinkle, the popular political streamer, is not Jewish.

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Why Did YouTube Ban Jackson’s Channel?

It is no secret that Hinkle’s official YouTube Channel has been banned from YouTube.

He had over 300K subscribers on his YouTube, where he shared his perspectives on a wide range of political and social issues.

Jackson Hinkle YouTube got banned
YouTube banned Jackson’s YouTube channel even though he had over 300k subscribers. ( Source: Twitter )

On October 9, he mentioned that YouTube had permanently banned his channel, The Dive with Jackson Hinkle, for alleged ‘Ukraine misinformation.’

Moreover, his admirers and Jackson himself believe this is an unfair decision by YouTube.

While Hinkle was exploring his time in Russia, he shared about the life of Russians after the war.

According to him, Russians’ daily life doesn’t seem much affected by the war.

Since he has been vocal about the Russian-Ukraine war, YouTube banned him without any notice, alleging him of misinformation.

Nevertheless, Hinkle has not stopped sharing his perspective on the Russian-Ukraine war even after getting banned.

Further, he is now active on Twitter and Rumble, where he is trying to expose the propagandists.

Also, his fans are hoping Jackson will get his YouTube channel back.

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